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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

good bye babies

good bye babies

i said good bye to the paediatric department today
i've completed my 4 months here and time to move on
after raya i'll be joining the anaesthetist team
yup.... doktor bius katanye.
no more kids and babies

truth was , i really enjoyed my stay at paediatric ward
love treating the babies
love playing with them
love to see they get well...

a part of me , tell that I will be a paediatrician someday
but,  i'm not too sure about that
have not decided yet what i'll be specializing in yet
one thing for sure , i'll be in anaest team for quite sometimes
maybe years ... or maybe just a few month

currently , i'll just let life flow the way it wanted
follow the flow....

still havent decided yet on my future


dayanaazhar:) said...

maybe you can jump into the world of pediatric. you can see babies more often, and maybe that what can make u work better.

White Melur said...

Salam Syawal.
Yes, Pediatric sounds interesting, if you like kids:)

Norieta husain said...

look like u realy luve kids...yarrrrrrr