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Sunday, September 19, 2010

a new life...

Welcome to anaest team dr hannan :)

Yup...the tagline of the day.
I came to the anaest dept today with a mixed feeling..
For ppl out there.. Anaest or dokter bius.. is doctor who in charge of the icu.. The operating rooms and the doctor who will be called when other doctor gave up on dying patient.
We are the final called..
So.. It's sort of an elite team actually.

Me.. I never thought of being an anaest or doktor bius...
Coz it's not an easy job.
Being just a doctor is a pain in the ass... Being an anaest double the pain..

So.. I was very devastated at first..
Scared of my senior mates..
Afraid that I ll kill my patient on the very 1st day...

But all those feeling are all washed away when I am one of them..

The seniors are very nice.. The boss is very flexible ..
I think I like anaest..
Dr hannan...pakar bius..maybe... Someday..


Mrs.Sheikh said...

sama cam ida kann.. :)..
doktor bius mahall tauuuu

tiffany said...

welcome to d club sayang!!!

kata kila said...

gud luck ;)