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Friday, September 17, 2010

i need a new phone?

my current blackberry , the curve sometimes really makes me go nuts and crazy. it does hang a lot and sometimes it just getting on ur nerves! i love blackberry.... i love the blackberry a lot . i love the qwerty keypad , i love the bbm... i love the os , love everything about the blackberry but the fact that it hangs a lot and sometimes take forever to open a file really tick me off!

hence i was thinking of getting a new phone instead
i m not in a hurry , still in thinking and deciding process
these 3 phones above are those running inside my head rite now
yes, another blackberry , the torch
and of course the latest i phone is on the list too!
and the outsider, the sony ericsson... which is very unlikely to be mine
coz i still prefer blackberry and iphone compared to other regular phone

still thinking,
we'll how my current blackberry perform for the next few weeks, or maybe month....

1 comment:

Muaz Nabil said...

experia x10 should not be in the list. android 1.6. right now dah android 2.2 doc. :)

why not try samsung galaxy s. :)