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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

lunch talk

The beauty of being a doctor.
No one could argue what time u come to work and what time u go to rest and what time u can go back home.
As a doctor... It's hard to decide our daily schedule.
We always come to work early in the morning, hoping that we could finish our job and go back on time.
But then, it hardly works that way.
We come to work @ 730 and if we r lucky we could be home by 6pm.
In most cases... We could be home by dinner.

Should a patient comes at 450pm.... It's not the doctor on call duty yet...
So we have to settle it. Hence we ended up going back home by 6 or 7pm.
And we cannot claim overtime on that..

Worst case scenario would be the day after on call.
For example.
I start my oncall at 8am on monday.
I ll be working non stop until 8am on tuesday.
Then, I have to continue working from 8am on tuesday until 5pm on tuesday. So that would be about more than 30 hours of working.
And if the situation like above happened and we have to work till 8 or 9 pm...
So that explain why doctors are quite agitated at times

But I m happy with my life


ummi kalthum binti mohamad said...

Dr Han terbaeklah!!

Norieta husain said...

erm u are lucky one cz be a doctor,ramai tau org yg nak jd x semua boleh capai cita2 2 an...mcm i,dulu i bercita2 nak jd peguam..i minat sangt2..i apply 4 that course,,erm tp xda rezeki,myfrends yg samer result dgn i dpt jerr course 2 p i xdpt...mybe ada sleg kt mana2 i pon xtau larr an.

n i x pernah mintak pon untuk course bussns nh..tut2 ada surt tawaran 4 ths course...erm da frust sangat ngan law 2 terima jerr..ingt first2 masuk u nak tukar course tp bila daa masuk sem 2 rsa syg plak bljr satu sem,so teruskan jerr.n sekrg bila da part6 bru i sdr yg mngkn ape yg da trjd pada i thn da tentukan yg mana ini adalh yg terbaek untuk i..
erm,business is my family backgrounds,,,& i know that im da one who can manage it,..

sekrg bru saya nampak n tahu mana arah tuju hdup saya yg pasty saya xkan berpatah blik....n akan terus maju kehadapan..mungkn ini adalah jalan yg terbaek untuk saya n mngkn dsini akan bermula sebuah kerjaya bg saya...ameen...ehm,that y..kdg2 kita kena thu mngkin kita adlh da best person that fit wth our job..
n awak memang ada ketokohan seorng doktor...mybe some day u will be a richy and most successful doktor in malaysia or mybe in da world..whoes know.....
cayook dr hannan!!!!!!!u ar da best one...