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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a story of a ferrari

Some dreams , are just meant to be dreams.

Well, that what I have learned lately :)
There are dreams that we should pursue, and a few of them we should just keep them neatly in our secret drawer.

Story of a ferrari.

Everyone dreams to have a ferrari. But , in real life ... How many of us who have the money to buy a ferrari? For crying out loud... We are more than lucky if we could even test drive one!
I dreamed of ferrari since I was a little kid. So far, I don't see me buying a ferrari anytime soon. Not until I am a hot shot specialist. But I thank god that I have already driven a ferrari f430. It was the best moment in my life... The feeling was heavenly. but that was not my point here.

For those u can't afford a ferrari.... Like me.. Even looking at it gives me such a warm feeling. So, that applies to our daily life. We want the best in life , but sometimes we have to settle for what best for us... Not the best we could find. Coz not everyone can handle the best.
Hencefoward, be grateful for everything u have. This is a reminder for me actually... Be content with the best we have...

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