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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

a facebook story

a true facebook story ,

i was hanging out my the guys the other night
most of my frens are married
so, they were telling their marriage life
showing off this... showing off that...
then someone bring up about facebook
about how facebook currently one of the biggest cause of divorce in the State
then he told us his experience with fb
he's still new with fb and he's top businessman but he's married
and he's definitely not a lawyer
let's called him Mr P

Mr P met  a new friend in fb  , a girl name Miss L
miss L is a law student  , a final year student.

so, they added each other as fren
one fine day , Mr P commented on Miss L photo

Mr P : owh... nanti bile dah abes study bole la keje kat law firm saya ye ...
Miss L : ye ke ... tq.... bile bole antar resume ni...

and not long later
another comment followed

MRS P : ramai ke nak pakai lawyer kat law firm awak tu....


viruspadu said...

hahaha hambek kooooo

tiffany said...

sensitive issue ni..........

Anna Mohamed Amin said...


Adzriel AB said...

dah kantoii lah tu.

eff the besh said...

like the shoutout about "my cat just gave birth today" n sumbody commented can 'i have one?' -she said 'yes'. and the another person started asking too. hillarious! :D

zie said...

joke of the day...farnee..