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Saturday, September 25, 2010

offer of my life

yes , man city just beaten chelsea 1-0
carloz tevez is the hero :)

take that chelsea
me not a man city fan , i m a man utd die hard fan :)
no worry ancelotti , next man utd will beat u guys!

anyway ,
raya celebration has been going on thru out the month
i ate a lot
and gain a lot of weight
met a lot of people
met a lof of fren

during hari raya , a lot of my frens came back home for raya holiday
and we all meet up
some are very successful nowdays
super rich and influential people

a good fren of mine ,
he said he's tired of seeing me work day and night
and still earn no more than people who less double less time than i do
hence he offered to open a clinic for me
so i could have my own GP
my own business instead of working and busting my ass at the government hospital
and lets my dream of having the latest M5 become a long life dream

another fren of mine
just bought a showroom in KL
asked me to become a manager there
coz i'm the only people he trusted
he asked to resign and he'll pay me 5 times more than what i earned rite now

i have a lot of choices in my life rite now
sometimes u are so lucky

 nevertheless , i told my friends that i'm happy with my life rite now
i wish i could have my own clinic
i wish my salary could be 5 times more
but being a doctor at government hospital
is what i am rite now
i'll just keep my head down to earth for a little while
try to be a specialist if i could
if things do not turn the way i planned
then  maybe i'll go begging to my frens


zele said...

an arsengal were also beaten..haha..

jam doc ni ikut negara mane yek...

posted at da tau chelsea kalah...can see the future eh??

lily lotus said...

salam aidilfitri doc :)