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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

not a good day in the office

well , i had a rough day in the ot today
luckily my seniors were super nice to me ...
if not , i would have jump out from the window
there will always be a day when everything just doesnt work out well
it happened once in a while in our daily life
and i had the day today

everything just fall apart for me today
maybe i was a bit tired
being a new guy in the anaest team
i have learned a lot since the past few days
and my brain has been working extra hard
trying to learn everything as fast as i can

one thing about me...
something that i feel ashamed about myself
i just cant my feeling
when i feel depressed or sad,
u can see it straight on my face
yes... it was so obvious ...
even my seniors noticed i was a bit depressed today
i just cant help it
i just cant hide my feeling
whenever i felt angry  or sad .... it will be clearly potrayed on my face...
so damn clear
i wish i could hide it
but i cant...

i need a break
i want to go to holiday
baru keje dah nak cuti...

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