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Monday, September 20, 2010

help me dr han - losing weight

it has been a tiring few days at the new department
learned a lot!
my brain is congested with new knowledge
need another break again.
thinking of going for a quick holiday :P

anyway, here's a story taken place at a clinic ...

lady : dr , can u help me.?
dr han : well , in certain issue , maybe ..
lady : i need to lose weight..
dr han : owh  , u look just fine! ( deep inside my heart - u should! )
lady : please prescribe me something doc!
dr han : how about list of gym u could visit everyday?
lady : no,  exercise is not my thing... give me pills
dr han : everybody wants easy way out... but it's just not the right way
lady : a fren of mine took slimming pills and she looks awesome
dr han : u'll visit her in 10 years time dying due to heart disease or kidney failure
lady : no kidding!
dr han : yes .... unless u cant walk ... the best way to lose weight is by exercise ..
slimming pills would give more harm than good, might as well u get a lipo suction rather than taking all those pills
lady : yes... i want lipo.... cant u do it now?
dr han : what? u just dont get my point ... sigh...

truth is ... if u want to lose weight  , do not start with all those slimming products ... all those pills or herbs usually would harm ur body and could eventually causes kidney shut down.
exercise everyday.
go to the gym
walk in the park
play badminton with ur kids
be active :)
eat properly , less fat.. less cholestrol
and if all those dont work
then we talk about medication and surgery


AnNe said...

pape je patient tu...
rasanya kna sruh dia refer kat dietitian tu... hehe...~~

Hannan said...

agak2 dietitian pon give up rasenya

viruspadu said...

hahaha mesti jumpa macam2 jenis patient kan. konfem yang jenis mintak mc pun belambak haha

tp betul la, walaupun saya bukan doktor, tp makan pil mmg bahaya kan. risau je.

erm exercise exercise exercise

sebut mcm senang. tp nak buat tu uishhh sikit punya malas kan hehe

AnNe said...

abg hannan: nadia hope x jmpa la patient camni... hehe...~

viruspadu: nak exercise berat cam jogging tu mmg la ssah kot lebih2 lagi klau yang keje sampai petang... try buat benda yang simple je cam parking kreta jauh sket daripada biasa supaya bjalan lebih lama... klau tak pn, guna je tangga berbanding lif... tu pun cara untuk exercise gak...=)

ain j said...

i hv the same problem with that lady....
dr. han, is it okay to be 50 kg with 1.50m ????

Mummy Hanny said...

hans, refer aje kat dietitian!

ruzaiema said...

mcm2 trend skrg nie..ade yg nk kurus.ade yg nk gemuk..ubat pun dh mcm2..penyakit pun mcm2..