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Thursday, September 02, 2010

a story

this baby is not mine!
he was one of my patient
currently he's cured :)

funny story in ward today,
i just came back to kota bharu GH from a short stint at hospital tanah merah

nurse : doctor, do u remember me?
me   : mmmmmmmm
nurse : really? look at my stomach ?
me : yes , u r pregnant...
nurse : still dont remember me?
me : i'm pretty sure what inside ur belly has not my DNA!
nurse : gosh ... doctor! not that part... , 2 years ago u conducted my delivery ! u was incharge in the labour room ... remember???
me : owh ... still cant remember...
nurse : good .... i cant work with u if u still remember conducting my delivery!
me : no worry , we are professional ....
nurse : so , next one  , r u gonna be the doctor who conducted my next delivery?
me : why not rite :P

i felt bad that i cant remember my patients name and faces...
working at general hospital...
u have way too many patients..

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