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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ur body weight

I had my issue with weight gain.
Hence, I did a lot of reseach and self experiment regarding this problem.

After years of discovery...
I had my conclusion.
The only way to lose weight and stay alive and healthy is to work out.
I joined the gym and and work out almost everyday and the rest will be just fine.

Regarding miss ain question about weight.
She said she is 150cm tall and weight 50kg.
Technically that number indicate that she's not fat. Maybe a bit petite. But not thin for sure.

Nevertheless.. According my experience... If u are 150cm tall.. U should be around 50kg in weight to look good. But this rule apply for guys only. So if u are 170cm tall... Ur weight should be around 70kg. And u have a great body. Not much fat.

But for lady... it's different. People are so obsessed seing skinny pretty model. Those people are at least 175cm tall and the weight no more than 50kg. So, it's a bit different. Lady... If u want to look great...u need to work hard. Yes... nothing new here. If u are 150cm tall.. U need to be 40kg weight then u look great. No offence to miss ain here. But to be healthy... U r just fine miss ain :)


Mummy Hanny said...

smtimes, the body weight alone cannot clearly define the state of health. kene pi tgk bodyfat % and frequent check up jgk.. betul x dr.hans?

but definitely, working out is the best way to keep fit!

ain j said...

thanks dr. han...
i used to be 45 kg 3 months before.
semester break realy 'ruins' me..doc, is that true kalau perut buncit tu indicates paras gula kita tinggi ??

Norieta husain said...

salam dr han,bercakap pasal berat badan..
ok honestly im realy2 sad wth my weight...yerrla da mcm2 produk,vitamin xpayah cakap arr..mcm2 vitamin,,blackmore..vitamin c b a .d semua sekali i still x mencapai berat ideal..ehm,,sangat2 berduka cita...mana x nya,bukan x bersyukur dgn aper yg ada tp...
yerrla i sendry pon xtau what da problem wth myself...
nak kata x makan,saya nh makan bnyak.kalau nasi kena at least 3 kali sari kot tp xtentu la,sb kdg2 bla busy jerr xsempt nk makn..
brt bdn saya sekrng 45kg n tnggi dalam 156cm..saya da berusaha mcm2 cara untuk menaekan brt badan ke angka 50 xpon kalo 55 or 58 i xkisah rasanya da 2 thun brt saya xnaek2.maintain jerr 44 kalo naek pon 45 jerr..
ehm mcm mana yerr dr??
org laen kalau mkn lbh skt sbuk nak berdiet,saya..makan bnyak mcm mana pon still xnaek2...mcm nh jugak.saya pernah g jumpe dr,tanya sal my problem dia dr resident dkt uitm nh..first i jumpe dia dia tnya..aperr masalh i citer la...respond dia:gelak n senyum lebar,dia cakap ramai yg dtg jumper dia ngadu mcm mana nak kurus tp i sebaliknya..n mungkn bla u bace my writng pon myb eu akan gelak an,,than dia pon ckp ar..its ok..nanty bila da kwen naek la i still xpuas hty..
dia ada bg vitamin xda effct ape2 nak buat aper lg sekrg....daa give up daaaaaaaaa
kawan2 i heran tgok i,makan bnyak tp still kurus..kdg2 ada yg kata saya diet padahal saya makan xpernah berkira semua saya makan..