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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

selamat berpuasa

i hope it is not too late to wish happy fasting to everyone
life has been very busy lately
gosh, i dont know what i was doing at times
time was just flying like that

it's our third week of fasting
so far i have lost 4 kgs
thank you God
well, definitely that's not the main reason for fasting month
truth was i have been joining the gym a month prior to ramadhan
hence since then i ve been losing weight
must look good for hari raya rite?

i had gained a lot of weight this year
i was a bit suprised when i weight myself a few months back
i was very upset
tried quite a few slimming type of meds and techniques
to no avail
the only one thing the surely guarantee u'll lose weight
is to exercise and eat less
for me, since i ve been joining the gym,
my appetite has reduced and i cant eat as much as before..
lets wait and see how much i'll weight after 3 months joining the gym!

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