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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

they said... " u bukak kedai nasi kukus ek?"

I got this question a lot.
" Are u a real doctor? "

Well, I don't blame them.
Coz if there is no stethoscope around my neck, no white coat, no name tag.. People would hardly recognize me as a doctor.

General perception about doctors are..
... A group of nerd people, who has no sense of humour, no sense of fashion, always in serious mood, no nonsence, must use spectacles coz they read a lot , drive an mpv coz they have no time to take care of their cars.. Instead just use one for multiperpose use... Have no friends and never go out at night to hang out.

Well .. Me.. Is the exact opposite of what most people thought how doctors should be.

Hence, a lot of my friend who met me at the 1st time, hardly believe I am a doctor.

I don't blame them thou.

Instead of convincing them I am a doctor, I told them I am working nearby the stadium. ( The kota bharu gh is located near stadium) hence , when I told them that, they ended up gueesing I am penjual nasi kukus kat depan stadium :)


Ahmad Naim said...

alahai..blaja dah jauh2
penjual nasi kukus plak owg ingt..semoga terus success

nn said...

mujur nasi kukus sedap...