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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

30 Things You Need to Try at Least Once While You’re in Your 20s

found this bucket list!


 well.... let's see ..
i m 29 this year... next year will be my 30th birthday
need to do check list of thing i should have done during my 20's !  



1. Travel alone.

me  - DONE! ... travelling alone is boring

2. Travel the world.

me  : DONE .... Paris was great... 

3. Connect with your family.

me ; DONE :) love my  family a lot!

4. Determine your passion.

When you first find that “real” job, you may be swept away by the money aspect, but what is it that you want to do?

me : fuuuhhhhh..... thank you ALLAH... managed to open my own aesthetic clinic... something i passionate about..!

5. Determine your life goals.

What are your life goals? Do you want to have a family? A dream home? Travel the world? Retire at a young age? This is definitely a big thing to do in your 20s.

me : DONE>.. the goal is there... but not reach there yet.. on the way , on the right track. insyaAllah

6. Get rid of that debt.

me : OPPPPSSSS. .... errrrrmmm

7. Learn a new language.

Learning a new language can be hard, but it is well worth it.

me : I speak baby language.. thanks to baby nia

8. Join a team.

There are plenty of adult sports teams that you can join. Local bars sometimes have volleyball teams or hockey teams, and you might even be able to find a fun dodge ball or kickball team in the summertime.

 me: even better... i created my own cycling team

9. Spend time with friends.

You may notice that life is speeding past you. As a person in your 20s, things are probably changing drastically. You may have recently started your first job, you may be starting your own family, you may be moving to a brand new place. Spending time with friends whom you care about is very important.

me  : too MUCH time spend with them already!! 

10. Find your own home.

Sometimes finances get in the way of this one, but if you can, definitely try to find our own home. You can learn a lot about yourself this way, and it is a great step towards independence.

me : HOME SWEET HOME... not a castle... but i have one already...

11. Visit the Grand Canyon.

There are so many things to do when visiting the Grand Canyon. You will be surprised!

me : does not bother me ...

12. Go on a road trip.

Gather some of your friends and go on a spontaneous road trip: I guarantee that you will have fun.

me : done.. so many times.. it was fun

13. Do something crazy.

Have you ever thought about jumping out of a plane? I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of your friends or acquaintances doing this and have wondered or dreamed about doing the same. Well, what’s stopping you?

me : had toooo MUCH of this... NOT GOOD

14. Train for a marathon.

Have you ever done a marathon? Try one now!

me : ehhehe.. been training for years!

15. Take a cooking class.

Have you ever really learned how to cook?

me : what???? i m a masterchef!

16. Volunteer.

There are so many great organizations out there that could use your help—go find one.

me : happily helped others!

17. Dedicate one full day to doing nice things for strangers.

This can be a lot of fun: You can carry out groceries for someone at the store, buy coffee for the person behind you in line, or maybe help a stranger with a random task. The list is endless and it will restore faith in humanity for these strangers.

me : HELLLOOOOO STRANGERS! remember me???

18. Go offline for one week.

Leave your cell phone at home and your laptop closed.

me  : not gonna happen

19. Go camping.

I’ve never been camping, and I’m sure there are others out there like myself who have always wanted to as well.

me : done

20. Attend an awesome event.

Have you ever wanted to go to Oktoberfest in Germany? What about Coachella?

me : toooo many eventssss

21. Go to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a lot of fun, and well worth the experience.

me : hehehhehe.... SOOOONNNNN

22. Learn how to play golf.

It can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great networking skill.

me : DONE - boring... got sun burn

23. Point your finger at a map and go there.

Hopefully you don’t pick a place that’s super boring, but even if you do, just go anyway.

me : the stupidest thing to do.... what if  u pointed isreal????

24. Cook something new every single day for 30 days.

This is a lot harder than it sounds, but it can be a lot of fun, and will improve your culinary skills.

me : eat at 30 different restauranats

25. Say “Yes” to everything for a certain length of time.

You would be surprised at how you feel after this.

me : DONE ... I did n never commited

26. Scuba dive.

If you are like me, then you might be afraid of what lingers in the water. Forget your fears and just do it.

me : there are plenty of fun on the land for me

27. Win an award.

Doesn’t matter what the award is. Strive for something and obtain it.

me : prince charming? prom king? been there... yamnnnn

28. Make friends with your neighbors.

Do you know who your neighbors are? What about the person living 3 doors down? Most don’t—change that.

me : hye sally!

29. Learn a new dance.

Do you know how to waltz or tango? Learning these dances can be a lot of fun, and you’d have an interesting skill to tell someone about.

me : gangnam style ?

30. Write a letter to yourself.

Write a letter and read it several years from now. It’ll be a nice memoir, and you may be surprised at what your younger self had to say.

me : wrote my will already...

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