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Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The tale of a cyclist

When I was a kid,
There were many things I wanted
I was not from a rich family
But we were happy family
Nonetheless,  It was such a great feeling when something special,  something I wanted so bad...  became a reality

So here is a story of a young cyclist name uwais. He is 13 years old. His father zafrullah was a former national cyclist.

A very unfortunate accident happened to uwais a few days ago, which led he came to my clinic with bruises all over his body. He fell from his bicycle n had some injury and the bicycle was pretty much destroyed.

When he came to my clinic,  told me the whole story...  I had this urge in me.. That it is the time for me to give back something to the community. I spoke to his father,  and apparently uwais is a very promising rider. In my mind,  he is the next azizul hasni, the next national champion.

Hence I told his father,  I would like to be his sponsor ; yes...  uwais will be riding for Dr Hannan,  klinik primer kb.

So _ first thing first...  he needs a new bicycle for training... 

So happened...  I have one..  so today I invited the whole family to my house and presented uwais his first pro bicycle. 

I m happy to make him happy; the expression on his face when I handed over the bicycle...  that was priceless!

Yes..  priceless.

It is good for him. And hopefully good for me.  he will be wearing my name during races.  and I hope I could give him more in the future. And I would really love to see my fellow friend follow my step. Let s help uwais be a champion. InsyaAllah!  u go uwais. 

Make ur parent proud and make me Happy to have my name appear on the podium!!!


Wahidah said...

noble job...nowadays ssh nk dpt org yg ikhlas nk bantu org lain..but u did it...well lama gile x follow entry2 dr sini...

but as usual ur entry still tip top..hehehe

salam ukhwah..

Salehudin Draman said...

what u say if u turn ur hobby to MTB mountain bike instead dr? it reallly good.. and less dangerous than road bike is it right?..