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Monday, September 30, 2013

klinik primer kb is 1 month old

praise to the most gracious ALLAH for all HIS blessing
klinik primer kb is already a month old
things has been running fine and super smooth
frankly speaking , this month is the greatest month of my life as a doctor
the satisfaction, the hard work , the non-stop smiling service..
really paid off

the demand for aesthetic services in kelantan is suprisingly high
the people here comes for lasers  treatments, dysport and filler almost everyday
more than i expected
even there are customers from KL and penang came here
because of my promotional laser package

would like to thanks my beloved family for the strong support and encouragement
a very big thank you also go to my fellow friends and mates who has been very supportive
without my family and my friends,  it is impossible to survive

there were stressful moments ,
there were hard times
there were some difficulties
but those are just a small part of the story
the hard part , makes the success taste better
trust me on that

 regardless of working non stop at the clinic almost everyday ,
i still have time to spend with my family and do my cycling
yes,  i wish i could have more times to spend with my family and do something else outside the clinic
but for the time being
i have to put other things aside , and my clinic is my top priority
lucky me, my family understood my situation very well

well , a month has passed
many more months and years to come , InsyaALLAH
hopefully , next month will be better
and the coming months will be a lot better
i pray to Allah to bless my clinic and business
hoping for more patients and customers to come to my clinic
beside that, insyaAllah , i will be starting my own cosmetic products as well
very soon insyaAllah.

thank you Allah , thank you everyone

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