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Sunday, September 15, 2013

nose bridge augmentation

 the nose shape and definition give a lot of effect to one's face
a very sharp and narrow nose is a feature of beautiful face
hence, nowadays a lot of people want to augment their nose
people want their nose bridge to be higher , to make them more visible
technically speaking, a better and higher/narrow nose bridge will make ur face look slimmer
no wonder ladies are dying to get their nose job
nose bridge augmentation can be done in 5 minutes
yes, no kidding
it is a very easy procedure for trained aesthetic doctor like me :P
using the right technique and the correct choice of filler
ur nose will look way better in just half an hour time spend in my clinic

careful , there are many unqualified people out there who perform this procedure
bear in mind , if this nose augmentation is done using the not original filler,
ur nose will become wider and uglier instead of higher and narrower

if someone offer u a nose job, check their qualification
ask to see the box of filler they are using...

or u could just come to me and no need to worry about those :)

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