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Saturday, September 07, 2013

how am I doing right now?

many has been asking..
how am i doing right now.
yes , quitting a secure job at the government sector was a big move for me
a lot of people questioned and condemned my decision to leave something
which a lot of people consider a very good job

no doubt , being a doctor in the government sector is a well loved job by so many people
it is such a noble job , secure  , the salary is not bad either
when i left the government sector, i was earning about RM7000 a month including allowance
that is a lot of money for someone like me
living in kelantan, enough to pay for my car, a house and raise a small family

but then
money was not the main reason why i quit
i was looking for satisfaction in my life and i want to do something i am passionate about
it is not that i dont like to serve people at the hospital
i prefer to do cosmetic and aesthetic stuff
and at the same time, i still want to treat people
but not critically ill people
had too much adrenaline rush when i worked as anaesthetist in the ICU and OT last time..

i know there are a lot of medical students reading my blog
there was a student who told me that my blog is a must read blog for medical students in malaysia
i told him bullshit, there are a lot of better thing to read rather than my crappy rambling
nonetheless, knowing that my personal experience would effect a lot of future doctor right now
it would be unethical for me to tell all doctors to quit working at the hospital and open our ur clinic or join the private practise
some people belong to the hospital
some doctors are meant to serve the people at the government sector,  - the hospital or the local clinics
these selected hardworking, determined , self sacrifice doctors are the real doctors/  hats off to doctors who continue to work in the government sector.

to the medical students and future doctors,
when u become housemen at the hospital , when u start working...
u will find a thousand reason to quit government job
but then, think again...
it is the government hospital who trained u..
it is the government doctors who trained u.
it would be fair to continue and serve under government..

unless, u want to do something that u cannot do at the government hospital, in my case aesthetic,.. then quit :p

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Aquila Nara said...

Love this post. ♥