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Sunday, September 01, 2013

lemonade day

 they said , when life hands u lemons , make lemonade
it means  , when shit happened, try to look for the positive aspect of it
well , shit happened to me yesterday, my maid got sick and it was a bad one
and she needs to be shipped back very soon
problem no 1, how to send her back home  ; need to get her better and that will take a while, and who is going to take care of her during her recovery
problem no 2, who is going to take care baby nia
bring her to the clinic with me? that went terribly yesterday
i cant even do a single procedure when she was around
yes , nia being nia... clingy , needy and whatsoever, she does thing any kid would do
so , now my mom has taken care of nia problem for the timebeing
and i need to get a long term solution for this....

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