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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's 3 a.m and I'm lonely..

"No one believes that their life will turn out just kind of okay. We all think we are going to be great. And from the day we decide to be surgeons, we are filled with expectation. Great expectations of who we will be, where we will go. And then... we get there." -Meredith Greys
hey everyone... I'm still alive.. been a bit bz.. but still here.. kicking around. Anyway, ppl been asking why I'm more bz after I finished exams? hehehe.. coz, during exam, I was bz on my study table ( which where the laptop is..!!) , so I spend most of the time on the net rather than reading books.. just not my fault.. the laptop is in front of me.. and I just cant help myself...hehehe.. anyway frens.. I'm not that bz. Just doing some stuffs that I havent been doing in my exam period. Went ice-skating yesterday. Havent been skating for quite a while actually, heheh.. so my legs were a bit stiff.. but I got over it after a few rounds...Then, after ice skating ,we went to dinner at a chinese restaurant in Novoslavodskaya, quite a nice place. We had our own private room, 6 of us plus one big table full of diff type of chinese dishes (mostly fish!!!) and a karaoke set which we couldnt be bother to use it!!.. hehehhe.. Had a wonderful dinner coz we were a bit tired after the ice was a very tiring sport actually ( yes, u can sweat even it's snowing) ... and that was pretty much what happened yesterday. Today, we went shopping ( yes ..again!!!!).. bought a new home for my isolated fish -the angel fish-, then went to Ikea, bought some scented candle.. ( I'm a big fan of scented candle!!!).. heheh , afterward.. we accidentally entered Mark&Spencer.... and my dear bought me a special gift... a new M&S wallet.... hehehe... yes.. I use my wallet a lot, so I do need to change it regularly... It was quite a good bargain actually.. the real price was RM223 (to be exact!!)...and I got it for quite a cheap bargain. heheheh... thanks dear.. ( the wallet cost more than the cash I have now!!!).... So, this is it.. the moment I've been waiting for, the holiday.. hehhe.. not as exciting as I imagined .. but , still.. I'm enjoying this moment. Had nothing to worry about.. simple can go out anywhere I want.. anytime.. do whatever I want to do... It's great. But, I have a crazy brain... when I have nothing big to worry about.. I started to worry about even the simplest thing..such as.. "ikan dah masuk kandang ke belum, , underwear dah iron ke x?.. check tekanan udara kat dalam toilet.., sape jumpe melaka sebelum parameswara.. kak red menang or kalah ( I've a bet with her).. n many more" well.. I guessed, that's how life goes on... u just cant stop being worried... hehehe.. or is it just me who felt that way???? wondering..... hmmm.. - anyway... just my own thought.. I always think that my life is great ( but s'times I have to admit Life Sucks!)...coz in the end of the day, if I, myself dont have the intention to have a great, wonderful and fantastic life... who else would??? and believe me.. the "suck part" of ur life.. makes the wonderful part of ur life taste even better...I read a advertisement here.. a vodka advertisement.. It was on the billboard near the metro on my to class everyday, it says" Life is way too short to drink cheap vodka.." heehe.. true enuf.. if u want to die drinking vodka.. might as well drink the most expansive one.. ..<------- how stupid could u be,if u have nothing in ur life- might as well do a bungee jumping without rope into the sea full of hungry shark.. at least ur family dont have to gone into trouble dealing with ur funeral.. heheh... my advise.. "dont drink, just do drugs" ehhehe U'll die faster.... ...adios... ( tomorrow schedule - badminton)


ween said...

i love scented candles..

Life is not a bed of roses, it has torns everwhere.. this was what my father once told me. I vaguely remember why he mention this to me (probably it was when I was enjoying life to the fullest and not remembering important thing that matters) Anyhoooo, why drink vodka when you can drink kopi 'o'.. eh what lahh..
No lah, life is full of surprises kan? So it goes to everyone. I wish you all the best for yours.

Red Mummy said...


boleh minum, lagi cepat mati..pas minum terjun building. drugs lagi lambat mati, nak high high...

oi besok badminton!!! akak pung. actually kol 8 is futsal so kol 630 akak nak layan badminton dulu.

pancit le akak ko nanti.

so ko bet akak kalah kan? ok kita tengok ye nanti.

i wont cheat on u, USD10 jer? takut kalah ler tuuu

Anonymous said...

Wah berfalsampah lak si Han ni...bagus baguss...Semalam aku tengok citer Oshin yg diulang tayang kat TV9 (sebab aku tak sempat tgk masa kecik2 dulu)...teringat aku kat satu kata-kata si budak Oshin yg comel lote tu...kata dia lebih kruang mcm ni "Saya tak tahu apa akan jadi esok dan masa depan, dan saya taknak tahu pasal tuh, yg saya tahu saya nak rasa gembira dan taknak sia sia kan kegembiraan yg saya alami hari tu"

P/s: underpants pun kau iron ke?? huhuhu....


ween said...

ahh aahhh lah tadi lupe nak tanya, underwear pun gosok ke??