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Friday, January 19, 2007

It's friday.... yup.. again..

the kremlin at night a.k.a rumah En Putin
Hmmm... tup tap2, tgk2.. dah 5 bulan dah aku kat moscow setelah cuti summer july dan ogos lepas.. cepat betul mase berlalu, still can remember the 1st day I arrived in Moscow. Damn cold. But now, thanks to global warming, it's mid january, and there's still no snow and the temperature is around 0 to +5 , which is, very warm, considering at the same time in the previous year... it was -20 degree during mid jan. Well.. another ppl gain, is another ppl pain.. heheh.. I pity those juniors who were hoping for heavy snow, so they can go snowboarding, sking, ice skating at the park... hahaha.. no chance this year.. sorry guys. Since I've been living here in moscow for 5 years now, and already gone thru 4 winter with heavy snow, I couldnt be bother if there is no snow at all in moscow this year.. heheheheh... not that I'm praying for global warming. ( I do realize that global warming coz big flood in Malaysia, but... that's the price we all have to pay to the enviroment).... Ppl never thought of how nature can damage us, and we didnt give a shit about taking care of nature... and here we are.... I'm so sorry for all those ppl who are involved in the flood especially in Johor. I would have offer myself to be a volunteer if I'm in Malaysia rite now...( cakap senang la ko kat sini Hannan oii....) heheheh... Anyway.. sama2 kite semua doakan agar banjir kat mesia tu akan reda secepat mungkin. ( kalau bukan kita yg nak doakan.. sape lagi... nak harapkan Bush? lambat skit kot..) Dan doakan keselamatan semua rakyat Malaysia. Aku tiap2 kali bukak utusan, sedih la pulak tgk negara kite ditimpa bencana alam ni... satu negara lumpuh... org hilang umah... hilang harta benda.. budak2 x le gi skolah.... hilang pekerjaan... urrghh.. sedih2... Semoga banjir cepat2 la surut...aminnn.
p/s- gambar kremlin dicuri dari fotopages zak, gambar banjir tu kat utusan.... hehehe

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