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Thursday, January 18, 2007

50% screwed up....

Hey everyone...thanks again for reading my blog.. reading how suck my life is rite now.... hehehe.. everyone is welcome here...keep filling the chatbox... I just woke up. It's 3.30 am here in moscow. Alhamdulillah, I've passed my opthalmology exam yesterday, not with flying color...( but with flying heads!!!!).. but who cares... as long as I did it, and I passed.. it's all that matter rite. Coz in medical university, there is no such thing as first class degree or third class degree. We dont have those kind of thing.. ( ayat nak sedapkan hati jer ni.) . Anyway... I'm happy that I am 50% away from my 2 weeks winter holiday..... (which is supposed to be now, but we are having examss..). Have 2 more exams coming.... Social hygine exam will be on this sunday...( isnt sunday is a public holiday????) aaarggghh... sunday... hate it... coz saturday nite is man utd game against arsenal. I missed 1 man utd games already during this exam period... not fun.... this is the sacrifice ....xper2... nak jadi doc punye pasal... berkorban ape jerr....As u can see in my latest photo, I do look like a zombie now... not enuf sleep... feel nausea everyday.... hope this torturing period will end very soon... cant take it....Just now, after the exam, decided to go to the mall for my scheduled "psycho theraphy" or in another word= shopping. Even thou my atm card is with my mom now... still got my mastercard... plastic card. Have no plan to buy anything in particular actually, but end up buying a cheap khakis at Collin's Jeans, since they are having offer... buy one get one.. so.. why not since my wardrobe is full of jeans lately, need to have a change once in a while. The khakis only cost me aroun 680rub(rm 80??)... so.. it's cheap... good buy I guess... hheheheh... just like to shop. But, still couldnt find the right sneaker... I hate it... Hmm.. thinking of collecting my insurance card tomorrow , but I think I'll wake up late, and I need to start studying for my next exam on sunday.. Maybe I'll pick it up when I've finish with all the exams... still need to pay the rent for the next semester.. my room cost around rm800 per month. Yup, a room rent is rm800 in moscow. An ugly flat with a living room and a bedroom + small kitchen would cost rm 2800 here... and my room is like 4.5m X 3.5 m ...that's small...very tiny roo,.. but.. this is the price u have to pay to live in moscow..... And... new pools everyone.. since aku tgh dalam process nak beli kasut sukan baru.. korang vote la ..which is the best... maybe aku akan beli yg menang vote kot.. sbb kepala aku pening sgt nak pilih sendiri ni..

p/s- all photos were taken using my phone cam.. not very clear... heheheh


~ C y c L i p s ~ said...

u don't look like a zombie to me... u look cute,thou.. =)

Noushy Syah said...

hhahaha....zombie camni, amazing arr...!!

p/s me bukan jiwang, but at times you just have the urge to let go passionate feelings into writing...if it makes you feel good, why not??