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Friday, January 26, 2007

in the end of the day....

It's 5 am in the morning. still cant sleep. I'll be having my psychiatric exam in 4 hours time. Dont think I'll get any sleep before that. Just be awake until everything is over.. hehehe.. desperate time called for desperate measure... Now, I'm more desperate than the desperate housewives..... Just hope that everything will be over soon.. soon enuf so I could get back to sleep and be normal again.. For the past 3 weeks, my life has been so hectic. Can't remember when the last time I have a good sleep. Been sleeping at 7a.m everyday, and woke up around 11 am...(or s'times 2 pm!!!) .. really.. want to get over this... so, everyone. pray for my success today... I really need all the luck in the world.. technically, right now.. I'm the patient... not a psychiatric... how ironic... hehehe... chiow bello...
p/s : russian class for today.
da svidania = bye2
kak dela = how are u?
fine/good = kharasho
bad = plokha


Anonymous said...

best of luck for ur xm!


Red Mummy said...

agak2 nak fail, belikan lu beg mak ko tu jgn lupa.

x lah..demoted tol akak ko ni kan.

im sure u will do well...muka ko muka mat study banget!

wénkt said...

soalan: Kak dela?
jawapan: Horosho, kak ti?


tu je aku tau