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Sunday, January 21, 2007

No Title...

For the past 2 days... I wrote 2 testimonial for my frens b'day. Happy b'day to Michelle Tan and Alina Hasni... and my b'day testi was....michelle, me n TKV
hannan Posted 19/1/2007
Happy 52 birthday. May all ur grandchildren passed their pmr&spm this year. And may u get a good in law for ur 4th daugther....... and say hello to grandpa... dont forget to visit his tomb... heheheh.... Happy birthday beauty.....
hannan Posted 20/1/2007
happy bufday alan... u dont look a day after 40 years old...
and here are their replies.... hehehehhee..
Posted 19/1/2007
thanks for the bday wish... wahhh.. do i look THAT OLD to u!!?!?!?!??!! good luck for ur oziz.. wishing u a 3 at least.. if not.. we reseat for it together la.. haha..

Posted 20/1/2007
err..very funny!NOT.did u know the more older a woman gets,the bitter she is?exactly.
[huhu..i know,still sweet.thx]

hehehe. i know it's not that funny to make fun about women's age, but still..cheer up everyone.. "life is way too short to spend all day long being angry at someone."- my personal thought.... this is what happened when I'm gone half crazy. Trying to make fun of other since I'm so **** up before my exam tomorrow. Still have a lot to read. Too much info must be digested before the judgement day besok. I just hope that I'll pass the exam tomorrow regardless how bad my score will be. All that matter now is just to pass it and sleep well after that.( + watch man utd vs arsenal match- if everything goes according to plan..). So, everyone.. again. do pray for my success tomorrow. One more the chelsea (chelshit) have been beaten by looserpool (liverpool) 0-2....hmm doesnt make any diff for us man utd fan. - not like liverpool will be on top even if man utd lost tomorrow.. heheh.. chill shiv

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alan said...

yo..good luck for the chillin in ma room,drinkin orange juice watchin sum good ol movies..[wut a life] yeah,take gonna sleep??muahahhahahahahhahahhaa