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Saturday, January 20, 2007

the day after friday....

yup, it's saturday ... and nothing had changed much since yesterday... except that Lee Chong Wei lost in Malaysian Open and ppl still argueing about Beckham move to MLS. I have to agree that beck is not the greatest footballer in the world. But, nowdays, football is not just about skill.. strenght, power... there is lot's of other thing that must be considered to be a big star like beck. I bet Galaxy wont pay the same amout as they gonna pay to beck even ronaldinho wants to play for them... coz even if Galaxy won the MLS 10 times in a row, they wont get the same ticket money, tv sponsor, shirt sponsor ++++++... that they gonna get when Beck plays for them next summer.. anyway... Beckham, u deserve 500K usd per week salary. F1 gonna start real soon. Mclaren- my favorite team, without raikonnen this year, but alonso is the new driver..launched their new car for 2007. Hope this car will be the champs car... I cooked fish n chips for dinner today. Last week was chicken chop.... here are some photos of them. It may be the best fish n chips and chicken chop in the world... but, at least... it comes from my own stove ....hehehheeh..... sape nak order...sila2... bayaran bergantung kepada kadar perubahan angin kat Mt Fuji... kalau angin xder... murah la skit... kalau mase tu matahari tengah naik,, or time nak subuh.. mahal la kot.. heheheh... anyway.. this sunday is my next exam. not having fun. Man utd vs arsenal at 7pm on sunday. Gonna go and watch the game if I pass the exam, and hopefully.. I will... everyone.. doakan aku.. hehehe.. x sabar dah nak cuti ni... arghhh... my final paper will be on next friday- psychiatric... .. suckkss.. gonna have a big wild party when everything is over.... ehh... silap2... nak solat hajat.. insya Allah.. ( niat kene betul...) hehhehee..

p/s- yang kat kanan tu fish n chips. yang kat kiri chicken chop... hehehe... yang kat atas tu kete mainan aku...

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