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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

the challenges of opening your own private clinic

well, where do I start
it is an uphill task

it took a while before i managed to convince my parent that i will quit the government
frankly speaking they would prefer me to stay in the government for the rest of my life
my mom mostly , she is very pessimist about my ambition
she is not to blame definitely
coz my family is not very familiar with self own business
coz i m still young ( still in my twenties and i m jumping into this big hole )
coz i m inexperienced in business
the list goes on
there are moments , when i think about these risk factors
i thought it might be better for me to stay where i am right now
happy and simple life
no hassle... 8-5 job
free weekend
it is a good job actually
pays pretty well
but... i just dont have the satisfaction.....


kueh bakar said...

akan folow turun naik sebuah klinik. good luck. cerita lagi. kalau ada klinik dan farmasi pun okey kan...

sarah said...

bagus la doc nak buka klinik sisters in law pun doc juga tapi tak brani nak buka klinik tambahan plak dia bahagian x ray, katanya bahagian dia payah nak survive..yang sorang lagi pun tak brani, u take the challenge, insya Allah akan berjaya..

clinic setup said...

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