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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

winter ...owh winter..

My 6th year med student honeymoon is nearly over. Winter exams is coming - real SOON! It's about 2 months away to be exact. But, there are a lot to be revised. Now I'm starting medical posting. It's one of the most busiest posting in our calender. My previous posting was at oncology department. It was a walk in the park. No rush, no extra revision, no extra time hours - how I wish all the posting are also the same routine. Up there are my note books , nice huh? Yup, those make u feel hungry during classes... the spagetti... the fetuccini... ooooyyeesss... hahahaha.... I'm not a big italian cuisine fan, but I do enjoy the food.
As u all know, it's already winter in moscow. Now, the city it's already half white - covered with snow. It's been snowing for the past few days. So, whenever it started snowing, I usually will get flu. But, this time - I'm taking my precaution. I took some antivirus pills just for prophylaxis measure. These pills should hinder all the flu viruses away from me. " tapi kalau Tuhan nak kasi sakit tu... kene jugak.. x le nak elak punya.. hahah".

This is my photo before I had a haircut. Nowdays, long hair makes me very uncomfortable. Y? well.. because , I'm becoming a doc soon, so must have a very good self-presentation to the patients. Hahahha.. Yup, here there is no written rules that doc must have a short hair. U can even wear jeans and shirt to work if u want to. So, It's just self dicipline i guess - on how u want to present urselves :)


Waliz said...

true hannan...short haircut is a must...i think men looked sexier wth short haircut...hmmmm

anyway..take care...ingat awak tu setiausaha asthma club....hehehe

Mrs. Sheikh said...

cut je nan.. lagi smart. pasal ikut pengalaman kat Labuan ni, ada satu doc rambut panjang main tocang2..serabai ya ampun..kalo clean & clear takpe..

Red Mummy said...


serious cunnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

bukan ko lah

awek baju merah belakang ko tuh!

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, hey i dont mind some doctor with long hair, as long as he speaks english with french accent and have perfect hands...why not?

i think men with long hair can be sexy too.....waliz, i beg to differ...:)

Waliz said...

only certain man can looked sexy wth long datuk shake but not like somebody from heavy metal rock group....pleaseeeee...

Lily.Lulu. said...

makan ubat kalau sakit
kalau tak sakit tengok aje ubat

belajar rajin rajin
kalau x rajin belajar smart


hehehe ..

Hannan said...

long hair, short hair...
hmmmm... such a big deal huh?
keep it coming ladies...
appreciate all the comments ;)
lily... sediakan payung sebelum hujan... :P

lifeinside said...

terus nak carik arbidol. sigh.

mummysyafie said...

short hair dah pernah kan..why not tiz time simpan panjang lak..tak rugi mencuba