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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Part 2

I knew that my previous entry would create some kind of "unsettled" feeling from some ppl and I do expect it would come from a guy. Suprisingly , there were 2 comments from they same person which really tick me off. On the first thought, I was gonna just forget about it becoz there is nothing much to talk about it anyway since I believe this lady didnt really understand what my previous post was really about. Nevertheless, I'm bored enuf tonite and there are a few things which I reckon I need to clarify to Miss/Mrs Nisa :) Needless to remind everyone here that my previous post was about to choose your future husband or boyfriend since I did mention about this in my previous entry again and again. It's just a true fact about men nowdays and not about women. I believe u are a women Miss/Mrs Nisa???
Dear Miss/Mrs/Dato/Datin/Puan/Puan Sri Nisa. Thanks for the compliment :)

"Dear Lucky perfect dream Dr Guy who have a super gorgeous bla bla bla"

Unfortunately u are dead wrong here. To start with, I'm not a Dr yet and I'm not perfect and I dont have everything. ( So does Dr Sheikh , he's not perfect nor has everything - go ask him urselves if u dont believe me) Miss/Mrs Nisa - I'm not perfect and I dont have everything and if u do read my blog carefully my life is a mess and on top of that I dont even have my own bicycle and I'm currently enocomically unstable (since u mention I have everything) Do I blame God for these? No I dont. God knows what best for me and I'm content with my life.

"If everyone's dream came true , nobody will be the garbage collector..."

I cant remember which part of my blog mention that everyone dreams will come true. Some dreams are just dreams and some dreams did come true. Mrs/Miss Nisa, what are u trying to say here? Ppl shouldnt dream?

Plus, in the 4th paragraph - ur comments about doctors :) Mrs/Miss Nisa , which part of my previous entry about chossing husband/bf mention about docs and patients relationship??? I DID NOT say anything a crappy patient. Please read again my yesterday entry.

Maybe Mrs/Miss Nisa here doesnt really understand about the C group of men in my previous entry. This C type of man - is man who isnt man enuf. I believe a man should be mentally strong to be leader at least as head of a family. I reckon that man should be able to do what best for him and his family. I think that a man should be desicive. Type C men do not have these attributes. Do u agree with me Miss/Mrs Nisa? Unless u are looking for a sissy husband/bf?

Occay, let's move to ur 2nd comment from Miss/Mrs Nisa.
"C is not that bad. Try never knowing ur dad .. bla bla bla "
So, what's ur point here Mrs/Miss Nisa? Did I mention that all type C men came from these kind of families? I did not. Even so, some ppl did have these unfortunate childhood and there is no doubt about that. However, does coming from a chaotic family means that U cannot be a good man in the future? I dont think so. I asked my mom before if my birth was planned or accidentally, and the answer was my parent wanted me. Good question thou.
"I'm waiting for my family. You dont have a family"
Urmm.... ermmm... let me see.. My mom is still alive and my dad is still alive too (until this moment ) , my brother keep asking for his souvenier.... I think I have a family :) alhamdulillah.
The final part, why do u have to bring Dr Sheikh in this? Hmmmm. Miss/Mrs Nisa. NOBODY HAS A PERFECT LIFE. Pls remember that. Human life isnt perfect. Perfect life means no worries, no enemy , got no class to attend, no business to run, no problems to deal with, immune from all type of diseases, never had an accident , has everything at ur fingertip - that's a perfect life. Again, no one has a perfect life. Pls name me one living person on this planet earth who has a perfect life? U should know better rite? Bill Gate's life isnt perfect. Dozens of ppl wanted to rob him everyday. Millions wish him dead. Mine is way too far from perfect. Is ur life perfect Miss/Mrs Nisa???


cepotet said...

harharhar.. *ketawa sinis*

ku sangkakan i sorang je yang cam tak paham bila read her/his comment. rupanya, dia kot yang cam biol. huhu.

tak kisah la apepun dia nak cakap yang penting, i tak suka lelaki type B or C. hakhak.

opss.. lelebih plak komen i ni. ngee.. :p

pearlEJ said...

hehehe... caya la Hannan... sgt suka baca "penerangan" mengenainya.. hikkks..
ader gak ari tu baca komen tu, tapi baik dendiam jerkk kan.. so now tuan umah dah kasi "penerangan" yg for me sgt2 la bernas.. ailaikkkkk.. hehe.. :)

nisa said...

Assalamualaikum, :)

If I am wrong, forgive me.
On my part, I rest my case.
Perhaps one day you will understand.

I wonder what type do you think this guy is. :)

As a muslim I love you for Allah anyway whatever you all think of me. God Bless. :)

Lord Budak said...

All these are color of lives.

These makes life merry

gud explanation though, I reckon

Lord Budak said...

All these are color of lives.

These makes life merry

gud explanation though, I reckon

Lord Budak said...

All these are color of lives.

These makes life merry

gud explanation though, I reckon

Red Mummy said...

ya tuhan

aku nak baca tp tulisan menyakitkan mata akak ko la nan

font kelabu, kecik the smallest


nan, ko dah makan?

Mrs. Sheikh said...

ko pun sama cam aku ekk..
aku pun berkerut dahi memula..

memana dia la nan...

Ouh Kirana, said...

huh. who is this nisa btw?

is she admiring/adoring you?

lame suda x jenguk blog inehhh

waliz said...

hi is too complicated eh...! i agree with u..nobody is just be yourself as long as u happy !

ChikaDior said...

do not blame her. she used her point of view. maybe dia misunderstood. maybe wut hannan wrote... had something to do with her kan. who knows. or maybe ada perasaan lain yg mewujudkan satu pandangan berbeza bagi dia.

sometimes i wonder juga kalau apa yang i tulis mewujudkan satu persepsi lain for certain individu. ya, we... as a writer memang tak berniat pun nak buat kontroversi. Tapi kadang2... it happens!

hannan, keep on writing.

everybody, stop talking about her ok. hannan, lets just forgive her :)


u ni kan, dah mcm model. setiap entry ada je dia punya pose. apalagi... perasan la cepat! :p

Hannan said...

ErNi :) - I pon a bit confuse about her comment.
xper la, leave her alone

comment jer la ape yg babe erni nak comment.. :)

Hannan said...

EJ - thanks a lot for the support :) , hehehe... ade jugak orang yg faham reality hidup ni kan akhirnya... walaupon cik EJ kite ni ade merc S class, life is still not perfect kan EJ?

Hannan said...

Nisa - waalaikumussalam W.B.t

there's nothing to be forgiven
i believe it was a misunderstanding after all.

have a wonderful weekend.

Hannan said...

Lord Budak - thank you sir ... colour of life :)

Hannan said...

redmummy - akak, hehehe.. akak ni mmg paham sgt isi hati saya la.. ni yg makin sayang kat akak ni. :P
tgh lapaq ni ....
saje nak sakitkan mata akak sbb tu x nak besarkan tulisan

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh - hehehe.. tuan rumah pon berkerut dahi jua sebenarnya cuba memahami komen2 itu.. :P

Hannan said...

kirana - abg pon x mengenali siapakah si nisa ni.

xper.. biarla die :)

Hannan said...

waliz- thanks dear :)
u are absolutely rite waliz...

Hannan said...

chika - :P
hahaha.. tu die.. PBB dtg utk misi mengamankan keadaan..
xder ape2 la chika..
saje nak suluh sikit tempat2 yg x berapa nak terang ni... :)
as I mention before, there's nothing to be forgiven, it's just a clash of opinion.

Sweetiepie said...

sorry to hear all this.Don't be upset,this is your blog and you have the rights to write whatever is in your mind.Sometimes we encounter disagreement from others.Will support you always :)cheers up!

Lily.Lulu. said...

x pe la nnan .. maybe dia x sihat tuh .. ada something wrong .. thats why dia nya comment kat u macam tuh ..

just forgive her

nisa said...

Assalamualaikum :)

OK thanks. I'll be deleting my comments if it is unwanted. I don't want to bug you really. Sorry. But you're a future doctor - & I was in an emergency surgery recently. My OT experience, values came clear. Who is the man who truly loves a fragile me.

I just felt sad when you said he wasn't man enough. Sometimes a man is fearful & broken when tough things happen to his wife. Be decisive. How? What if she lost both her ovaries, they can't never have children & prematurely menopause. While he is still in his very prime.

What will a real man do?

Call me what you want girls. I just hope it doesn't happen to you. Am I insane to love this fearful man. I am fearful too. The part about doctors - I was thinking if one day you'll meet this man & he might cry when you tell him his wife is beyond medical help.

I think that a man should be desicive. But who decides? Him or God Almighty? Thanks anyway, I'm sorry to bug you. I need to clear my reputation as a responsible human.

May God Almighty help us understand the facts of life. & thanks for the nice comment! Do you know when Prophet Muhammad got his first revelation, he was so scared he's trembling & said to his wife "COVER ME COVER ME!" [this is true love]

& he was proposed by her!
I love you Prophet Muhammad.
The true role model for men. Amen. :)

nisa said...

I don't know if I'll live long. So I'm very sorry if I hurt anybody. Forgive me please.

It's okay for a man to feel fearful, indecisive when he fear he will lose his wife in this lifetime. I read another doctor's blog, he's far better than this makcik's husband who cosiders her a burden when she had cancer.

Oh yeah, I chose the right man. Who will stay by my side even if he can just be go the best for himself - divorce me & marry a gorgeous young girl. Why should he stay with me, he has a full life ahead of him. Success awaits him, everything.

Why bother with me. :)

Ask yourself girls. The real question is wether your husband will stand by your side in the toughest of times. Not wether if he is hot shot, Prince Charming, or sissy. Imagine being 60, having cancer & your husband finds you just his setback burden.

God Knows Best. Amen.

nisa said...

rupanya, dia kot yang cam biol. huhu.


Saya nak rasa sedih dgr ayat ni. Tapi makcik pesakit kanser ni lebih sedih lagi, jadi saya pun malu nak sedih. huhu. Alhamdulillah. :)

Adakah suami anda akan setia bila anda terpaksa membuang kedua-dua payudara, ovari, potong kaki (diabetes) etc. wajah pun x cantik lagi, rambut botak oleh kemo.

Apakah yang anda mahukan dr seorang suami sbnrnya?

ja-anuar said...

Dear nisa...(tumpang ye hannan?)
Having gone thru a hysterectomy at such a young age (32) has turned me into an even stronger person..Of course, I couldn't help thinking and imagining my hubby with another woman who is capable of giving him a few more kids (I only have two of my own).. I'm now 43, and last Feb 6 was our 19th anniversary.. Alhamdulillah, so far so good..Feel free to contact me at my e mail add or give a shout at my blog shoutbox..Assalamu'alaikum..

ja-anuar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ja-anuar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ja-anuar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ja-anuar said...

sori, hannan.. terpublish berkali2.. memula mmg dia hang je... sori sekali lagi..

lifeinside said...

poyo giler minah nisa ni, mula2 bagi comment berapi2 pastu tiba2 slow down. nak publisiti murahan agaknyer. haih. ignore jelahhh han.

yeah this is what you get when you blog often, you get involved in petty blogfights :p

mummysyafie said...

ehmm...takper lah nan..orang pun komen..dia yang paham sendiri..kiter ni layan je..tapi ayat tu byk munge2 erkk