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Friday, February 22, 2008

yet again!

Sorry to say that MAN UTD only managed to get a draw last nite against LYON. However, that's actually a good news considering they are gonna play again next week - this time at the OLD trafford - UTD home ground. Should there match next week ended up 0-0 , UTD will move thru into the quater final. Shouldnt be a problem at all then!!!

Currently , I'm having my tuberculosis cycle. It's actually kinda scary to be inside the ward with all those tuberculosis patients since TB could be transmitted thru the air. One breath - as simple as that . But the real fact is, if u took ur BCG dose in ur early age - that shouldnt be a problem at all - means u are already immune from TB . Technically if u are immune to the TB, u wont be infected anymore.

The SPA interview is being postponed due to the general election process back home in Malaysia. I'm not sure that's a good news or the otherwise. Plus, the new date also havent been decided yet. I couldnt be bothered that much actually since I've already made my mind where to apply for my housemanship. Nonetheless, I'll just keep is as a secret until the interview end. Furthermore, not neccesarily I'll get the hospital I'm choosing. At the end of the day, I still need to pull some wire, adjust the cable.... bla bla bla..... call here, call there, ... bla bla bla... and MAYBE.. I'll be posted to that particular hospital. However, should I be posted somewhere else... what can I say rite? Just SMiLe!


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

tuberculosis tuh TB ek
hehhe..x paham den words para doctors neh :P

psssttt...hans coose sepital mane??
hopefully both of u n ida kene posted kat HOSPITAL UMUM SARAWAK


mummysyafie said...

tapi tak semua orang ada ambik suntikan BCG kan..

aku adoo kah?ehmmm...nak nengok kat bahu jap..hihihihih

dulu waktu batuk tak henti²..doc suspect kiter tb tau..jahat dia..last²...asthma rupanye

Hannan said...

ZiE dear - tuberculosis ngan TB tu sama la :)

hehehe... jauh tu hospital umum sarawak.. zie la yg dtg keje kat semenanjung :P

Hannan said...

mummyshafie - hehehe... mesti ade ambik... zaman skarang semua orang dah ambik dah. dah diwajibkan ;)
biasa kalau dah ambik BCG, dah x kene dah TB tu :)
doc tu buat2 lawak jer kot!

Mrs. Sheikh said...

smile nan! smile...

nasazfrog... said...

senyumanmu sungguh menawan,,, cewahhh...

Aleeya said...

aku pun suka senyum..hehe

ChikaDior said...

hannan balik msia cepat! mengundi!