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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The men's amendment! Part 1

Tomorrow is my final day at the oncology department. I have to prepare a paperwork for tomorrow since I missed a class on Friday ( went to pick up elyn at the airport). I've been sleeping from 6pm until 10pm today, until Michelle came to my room to photostat her passport. She reminded me that the Men's day will be on the next saturday so technically we'll be having holiday on the monday since Saturday is already a day off. That was really a good news. Freshen me up a lot!!! It's a good thing thou that men's day comes earlier than women's day! So that a man would know which lady whom appreciate him so he would do the same for the women's day! It's a circle of life :) But most of the times it doesnt follow the rule. Give more, expect less - that would make ur life happier.

I got a few emails from my silent readers, asking me tips how to ask women out and what to talk during the date. Well, I'm not that good at this to be frank :P . However, I do have a little bit experience , and I do watch a lot of movie. So, here are a few tips for all the guys up there!

No 1 - always look good! Be ready at any moment :) As soon as u left ur home - there'll always be u'll bump into ur dream girl or ur Mrs right! ( or whatever u called it) Ur physical appearance does matter!

No 1.1 Take ur time to shave ur facial hair , then make sure u use the after shave :) Spray some perfume on ur body but not too much. Just enuf to make the lady notices that u smell good. ( * avoid using the cheap fake perfume, it'll only makes thing worse! ) Most girls nowdays notice what kind of perfume u use. So, perfume does play a lot of role here. Hair - use the hair gel or the hair cream. Put some effort on that! These are some of the basic stuff that men tend to forget. Get used to these daily routine - then we can move to the step No.1.2

No 1.2 - Clothing :) this is the best part! I may not be an expert on this. But just try not to embaress urselves - that's good enuf :) Men, remember - try to avoid wearing corduroys pants. Some ppl thought that corduroys pants are cool , but ladies with fashion knowledge know that corduroys pants isnt a fashion at all. Jackets? Well, if u are going on date in KL - i dont see any reason why a men need a jacket in such a hot climate :) A thin blazer or coat is acceptable , but not too much please. Adjust with the surrounding condition. Try to look as simple as possible yet elegent and smart. REMINDER, no slippers, sandals on a date ! A pair of pallas jazz would do better than any of those :P

No 1.3 - to be continued.... I'm too tired :P , these are just the tops of the icebergs, a lot more to come... the steps are endless! - do remind me in the future occay !!!


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

tuh dieee hans the love doctor...kekekekeke

guys out there
MUST follow his tips taw
who knows uolls can attract lotsa chicks...**muahahahaha**

psssttt nampak :P


Lord Budak said...


I tackle my wife with slippers on my feet. Dapat jugak laaaaaa hehehehehehe

okidokisan said...

amboiii hannan oii....kemain...

bagi nasihat cinta gitu...

ader tak nasihat for me? ;)

mummysyafie said...

aik..ada tips lak erkk...
agreed wit no 1.2..hihihi..dolu² lah kan..nampak lelaki selekeh je..akak larikkksss nyaahh..

Y u Z z 9071 said...

dear hannan..

saya x pandai sangat english..x faham sangat pun apa cite kat blog awk..