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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

dr han goes to the club...

 the car before sound system upgrade
 the big amplifier under front passenger seat
 another amplifier under driver seat
the big box in the bonet.!

ladies may not understand what was going on in the photos above
well , let's just say , it's my wedding gift
remember in my previous post i got rockford and fosgate speakers for my car?

i went to my friend's shop to install it  ( he's the one who gave me the speaker )
he looks around my car ... 
then he told me ... " han , i'm gonna re-do ur  car sound system! "
yes, my car already has a good sound system , with amps and big speaker by Harmony..
I said " please , i'm already broke bro.... duit xder ni... baru lepas kawin kan... adei,, "
then he replied " no problem .... this will be another wedding gift! "
i was like ... " heheheh ... thanks bro! "

then i left my car at the shop for about 10 hours , i drove back home with my fren's car
and continued watching my fav japanese series.... Moon Lover..

about 8 pm  , i went to pick up my car ...
and he changed basically everything...
all the speakers were taken out and he installed all the new set from Mohican...
6 speakers... and i big boom box in the bonet...2 amps... 

and it sound better than some clubs!
seriously , i could just seat in the car  and listen to the songs...
as if i'm in the club!

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