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Monday, January 10, 2011

anugerah juara lagu 2011 ..... the winner is..

anugerah juara lagu 2011?
i could not care less...
was busy watching man utd bashing liverpool just now
and definitely the photo above has nothing to do with the AJL 2011
we are not the boy band...
even thou we do have the look to be one of them..
but it;s ok..
we are happy with our day time job

the photo above also explain my absence in the blogging world for the past few days
i've been busy with my bffs ( dalam bahas melayu , kawan2 baik ku )
yup... definitely the term of the year 2010 bff... best friend forever...
it will be in the dictionary very soon.. i bet on that.

since i become a married man ...
i'm not used to the life yet.
firstly because my "zaujah" is very far away
and i'm still alone here
when my wife was here ,
i didnt have time to spend with my bff
so , when she's back to work ,
i spend time with my bff

but what will happen when she moves to Kelantan?
how do i divide my time...
time for wife and family ,
and time for my bff
yes , wife is my priority
but i cant leave my bff behind
they were there for me..
and so does my wife
i love them all..

So , it will be a challenge for me
to make sure i could spend my time with them
and make every one  happy

my wife and my bff always make me happy
therefore , in return
i want to keep them happy too...

well , it's not gonna be easy
but i'm sure ,
if i do something in the name of Allah..
Allah will make my life easier.
i'm married because of Allah
and I'm making friend in the name of Allah
insya Allah.. everything will turn out just fine and great hopefully!

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Hezzy Azra... said...

Salam Doc,
Was watching the Red Devils bashing the Reds too. Very much entertaining than AJL25 :)