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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

p/s - i love u

we went to the mall yesterday,
dropped by at the DVD store
since i bought the super size home theater , watching DVD at home is becoming a hobby
and i'm colllecting DVD again
i was looking for the japanese drama series , with takuya kimura starring in it 
and i found the drama moon lover
currently i'm doing marathon trying to finish the 3 dvd before my holiday ends.
So far , i have to admit , takuya still got it... 
loving the series... and it will be in the glass shelf when i finished watching it!

occay , back to the mall when we were at the DVD store 
( we = referred to me and my wife occay ! yes,  i'm married )
as i was scrolling thru the japanese series , she was browsing at the english movie section
and she came across the movie p/s i love you
then she asked me " darling, people said this is a must watch movie , so romantic  , unfortunately i havent watch it .... sigh ..." 
then i said " owh , i watched it a few time already at astro Star movie ... or HBO   , either one i guess ..."
" what? u watched it alone without me darling " she replied...
" well , i didnt purposely watch it.. it was on tv , plus , u were in muar back then " i answered ... not guilty i reckon...
then she left for magazine section...

i looked at that DVD ...
i looked at her from far ...

a few minutes later ...
at the cashier ,
i was holding 2 dvd ...
one was moon lover , the japanese series
and the other one .. guess what...   p/s i love you

and she gave me a big smile...

well... that's married life i guess
trying my best to make my partner happy
even thou i watched the movie a few times already
i want to watch it again with my wife
hope this will last forever  :)


betty said...

so nice... but i had bought the book of ps i love you.. but the story is so and so.. dun know.. may be reading is different with watching.. happy watching ya!!!

Haa Haha said...

dh tgk p/s i love u tu..

Mummy Hanny said...

keep up the momentum dear! that's what makes marriage works and blossoms.

selamat pengantin baru

jiji said...

buku lagi best dari movie tu..sumpah!!!

*org p puteh jugok tp takdok blog*

ketawariang said...

@jiji : dah sewa novel PS I love you... Novel dengan movie mmg lain... seronok membaca... U should read the novel Dr! :)