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Sunday, January 02, 2011

new year present

the best new year present!
my first wedding album dah siap!
tq to mr photographer (azadil akman ismail )
here are some photos from the wedding album!
 with my best frens! i'm the last one to get married! lepas ni bole buat anak ramai2 bro!
lepas wat anak ramai2...
kite cari madu ramai2 bro
 this photo was taken at a house somewhere near a beach which was bombed by the japanese during the world war ,
this house is haunted
mase nak ambik gambar kene cakap ..." sumimasen obasan ... watashi nak ambik gambar... tumpang lalu dess "!
 outdoor photos! taken at phuket golf resort!
 outdoor photoshot was very tiring.. rase nak sambung tido terus atas rumput tu!

this is my favorite photo
the best outdoor photo i reckon
hehehe.. will be the biggest wallpaper in my house!

tq to Mr photographer! - search him @ fb azadil akman ismail
even thou he's super busy
managed to complete my first album in 5 days time
tq very much
looking foward to my next photo album!!!!


rapheydhillo said...

I like all the pics.. but the 2nd last is the best (so far!)

Hannan said...

tq tq :)

Maszalina Butik said...

Cantiknyerr I love the last one, lagi best kalau the heart shape kat pasir tu terlihat sepenuhnye.... Anyway congrats to both of u