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Saturday, January 15, 2011

all being said and done,,

first and foremost
i would like to thank my reader for the comments regarding previous post
everything turned out to be just fine in the end of the day
ur word of wisdom had been very helpful.

currently back to my daily life
just waiting for her to complete her transfer here
i'm so excited
very much i reckon.

been living alone for quite sometimes
it would be nice to have someone with me day in..
day out
someone to cuddle at night... oppsss
what the heck, we r married rite?
i pray that our life together will last forever and ever...

with that being said...
good nite everyone..
me is waiting for man utd games later on!


aisya said...

menunggu kehadiran hannan jr.
heheh,cepatlah dapat baby ~

Epi Gurlz said...