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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bodoh Sombong...

the photo above has nothing to do with this issue, that is just me and my good fren dr sheng!

"Bodoh + sombong "
i'm sure everyone has heard about this "proverb"
to those who do not understand... bodoh sombong means  stupid and bloody arrogant
too ego to ask for help despite not knowing what the heck he's doing!

As a doctor ,
we are not specialized in everything
some are orthopedic doctors  , specialized in fractures and wound...
surgical doctors , specialized in surgical stuff...
obstetric doctors are damn good in delivering babies...
urologists are expert on penis....
and anaesthetists are trained to induce and sedate patients

if u ask a orthopedic doctor to do caeserean section on ur wife...
he definitely would say no
not because he doesnt know what is caeserean section..
because he doesnt do it on daily basis..
and if he acted bodoh sombong.... ur wife could end up bleed to death on the operation table

same goes ...
if an OnG doctor tried to fix a fracture..... do a tibia plating for example...
ur leg could end up being amputated instead...

hence ,
among us doctor...
there is a word called " refer! "
we supposed to refer to specialized doctors , if the problem is beyond our speciality

there are doctors
who want to be jack of all trade
try to be a hero
even if u are senior
u still no God
there are thing u are gonna miss in ur job
if it's not ur speciality
please do not act beyond capability
u will end up killing the patient

and that what happened...
i hope u learned ur lesson.. Bodoh Sombong....

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A.S.T.I.N.A said...

One of my frens said..
A docter..
susah dahulu, susah sekarang.. susah selamanya..
Thats why im not a dokter.. wkakaka alasan.. I didnt score to be one *sigh*
Go go dokter.. ! all the best!