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Monday, January 17, 2011

Esok on call

Esok on call . Sigh....
Being a government doctors , oncall isn't our favorite past time.
Frankly, it's something we want less in our daily life.
Oncall means, we have to work for 24 hours non stop. And we being paid rm150 for that 24 hours.
Which technically we earned about rm 7 per hour.
That's a good money I guess.
I m sure McDonald staffs are laughing at us judging by the numbers
But who cares, we do on call not because of the money. We do oncall in order to save people life when other doctors are asleep.
And yes, on call also means, u r on ur own dude.

Those are the things that make oncall so pleasantly wonderful ...ehhehe
To be honest , doctors do have pre on call symptoms such as depression, mood swings , increase appetite, jitteriness and worse , nausea.
Whatever it is, I pray to God I ll have a great on call tomorrow and by great I mean less sick people


Anna Suzana said...

save people live is more important then money ..

Cerita Sejati said...

That is so true.

farmee said...

yeah exactly !!!! tak tau tanyer...... totally agree..... ive been in that situation before so m kinda know the feeling.... so sabar SABAR JER a doctor hannan !!! when u think about it kene ade dlm dunia ini org sebab it makes our journey becoming more exciting n ANNOYING JUGA LA.....hahahah ok have fun doc...