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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Alhamdulillah!!! Everything went well during the exam today. I passed it with flying colours!!! It was actually the State Exam , compulsory for the future docs in Russia ; so after sitting the MCQ test, we had to sit for oral test in front of 3 surgeons!!! I was shaking and for the first few minutes during the oral test I just kept mumbling, the words seemed to be stucked somewhere inside my throat. But then, after a while, I managed to pull myself together and went all the way. The final words came from the surgeons mouth was " this kid is good!" I was so proud. Well, at least all the hard work paid off!!!

But, on top of that , I would like to thank every single one of u for praying for my success and the non-stop good luck wishes!!! I'm so sorry that I've not been able to reply all the comments and I've not been visiting ur blogs! Really appreciate everyone who always dropped by here just to check on me! I really appreciate that and I feel like u guys are a part of my family too, giving me strength to go thru all these :) Thanks a lot again!


jemari menari said...

amboiii amboiii meriahnye ade munga api segala..ehehe :P alhamdulillah..smenye ok kan hans..berkat study maut tu :P

Hannan said...

hehehe.. xder.. berkat doa kalian.. sbb kalau study maut pon.. kalau Yang Maha kat atas tu x berkati.. xder maknanya ;)

jemari menari said...

ye btoll../me sokong!pasni bleh ar banje mkn :P

norza said...

I really appreciate that and I feel like u guys are a part of my family too, giving me strength to go thru all these.

Wow! This is so so sweet, I had to keep back the tears from falling down. See, u can touch peoples' hearts with ur words, not bad, ehh?

Its true, sometimes things happened so easily for us, kerana doa ibubapa, rakan-taulan & sanak-sedara. Somehow, someone's prayers will be answered...

Syukur. I m so happy for u.

Hannan said...

adoiii... kene puji ngan novelist ni... tersenyum lebar la tuan punye blog!! ehehhe..
thanks NorZ.. bangga ni... hehehehe....

thanks a lot for everything!!!

mimi - seeetttt!!

Mrs. Sheikh said...

nak tak nak kene gak mengaku
dunia blog ni dpt merapatkan dan secara tak langsung ikatan persahabtan terjalin kan? (ayat skema skit)

Anonymous said...

congratulations Nan!!!!!

Red Mummy said...

congrates nan, see 19jan is a good day for u too!

DaRk AnGeL said...

u had a good day today!
guess its a lucky date heh?
but having all those bunga2 api.. meriah wooo~~


Sweetiepie said...

Finally!it's over...congratulations!I am happy to hear that you get through the exam.I am proud of you too..keep it up..will support you all the way.

cepotet said...

tahniah Hann. ok, lepas ni u dah boleh enjoy.

terharu ngan statement ni, I really appreciate that and I feel like u guys are a part of my family too, giving me strength to go thru all these.

take care ya!

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh - agreed!!!
blog, connecting ppl !

kak red - tidak syak lagi akak :)
lepas ni kite isytihar public holiday jer la 19 jan ni~

Hannan said...

dark angel - heheh.. siap bunga api.. meriah ni... thanks dear!!!

sweetiepie - i appreciate every single word from u dear :)

erni - hehehe.. xle lagi.. ade satu exam lagi.. separa enjoy la :)

Lily.Lulu. said...

congrats bebeh !!!

so celebrate kat mane ?? hihihi

flinty.farah said...

congrats hannan, dapat pass exam with warna warna yang berterbangan ;) huhu

Ziana said...



cpt skit balik Msia..
leh gather reramai..

u banje aa

Miss Nazla said...

congratulations! glad to hear dat

eedany said...

Congratulations nan... :)

Hannan said...

thanks semua ;)

jasa baik korang semua yg tolong doakan jua, kite lepas exam ngan jayanya - keep praying for my success occay!!!

waliz said...

i'm very happy for u Nan...! u make me feel so proud ..another excellent doc for our beloved country!!!

no wonder u didnt come to my blogs as often as last time...i thought u forget ab me already..just kidding my dear!

and your new haircut suits u very well...:D

Alam Setia said...

TAHNIAH untuk anda

Hannan said...

thanks waliz... mane i bole lupe kat u la... :P

thanks alam

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

congrats hanx!!!!

hope im not too late for this wish :P

Yup!!! all the hard work paid off
I know both of u n ida can make it thro...keskeskes.

mummysyafie said...

for sure akak dah terlambat nak wish..nway...congratss nan