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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Morning Coffee???

" Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped "

This is my lil-kitchen , in my lil room - where I do my magic! Hehehhe. It's not coffee inside the cup, it's just plain water :) I dont really drink coffee to be frank. Unless it's a freshly brewed coffee from the coffee maker. If it's the 3 in 1 coffee - I would pass. Why? My Body doesnt react well with coffee. I used to drink a lot of coffee few years ago. But then, after quite sometimes, my body developed some kind of negative effect to the coffee. I feel like vomitting if I drink the 3 in 1 coffee, or the typical ready made coffee. ( even the nescafe gold!). Luckily , I still can drink the fresh brewed coffee :) So, u all still can treat me at starbuck of coffeebean. No problemo!

When we visit other ppl house, the host usually will serve tea of coffee for the guest. Usually, being a polite guest, I'll just drink whatever ppl served me. But , if it's possible, I would rather have plain water rather than any other drink. So, take a note everyone here, if i ever visit ur house, served me with plain water ... hehehe... see, I'm a very good guest! Will cause u no trouble . I can live without other type of water but plain water for years. Few years back, started from the secondary school, Coke was my fav drink. Anyplace, anytime - I'll order Coke. But, being in medical field and knowing how much carbonated drink would kill us , I'll try to avoid them. Nevertheless, life is too short to be too careful right? Even u never touch Coke, u can still die of lung cancer caused by the smokers around u! Hahaha..

Some of u might be wondering what's happened to my fridge rite. Yes, these are my souveniers from the places I've been. Since "magnet" is the cheapest souvenier u can buy from all the places, I choosed to collect them. Plus, these things would last forever and dont take a lot of space. Yes, I have the KLCC magnet. Even thou I've been to so many countries, Malaysia is still no 1 in my heart.

- I have a single lady fren who's looking for a boyfriend. Wait, actually I have 2 frens who are looking for Mr Right! Not gonna mention their name here. ( see, I'm good at keeping secret rite chika, erni? ) . Now, I'm waiting for their photos to be published here in my blog. Gonna organize a new competition soon! Win A Date with these 2 ladies!!! Coming Soon here!


Sweetiepie said...

I heard of this reaction before..some plp has this sudden reaction on coffee.I think you need to drink more greentea.Are you a date matchmaker?ehemm..what about you.Aren't you put yourself in the competition too.:)

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam nan.

1st of all. gelak sy baca the previous entries. Im innocent katanya. huhu. kalau sy, i need at least 3 mugs of coffee a day. thats for regular days while having classes n all. but as for now im freely enjoying my holiday, so i restrict it to 1 mug a day. only. coffee plays no effect on me anymore. i can just hit the bed after finishing i full mug of hot coffee. but i need it to keep me focus. maybe it is the matter of mind setting, to have it while studying. but not to keep me awake. hehe. pelik kan. tp tu la sy dan coffee2 sy.

nan, next time awk dtg spartif, sy buat air necafe, kek kopi dan segala yg berkaitn dgn kopi. pastu, bila nmpak awk, sy buat2 terlupa psl awk tak suka kopi. so sy terpaksa jamu awk air masak n biskut keping je. hihik.

sorry for the long comment. seriously i enjoy reading ur recent entries :)

Hannan said...

sweetiepie - I love green tea ;)
me? unfortunately, someone will kill me if i put myself back on the rack!

sarah - iskh... x tau la sarah... ntah biler nak sampai sportiv ni..
tapi insya Allah akan pergi jua suatu hari nanti.
komen panjang2 xper.. skarang kan cuti :)

Ziana said...

plain water?
senang nye!!
haa sila sila dtg umah ku..

single lady fren who's looking for a Mr Right??? (pls count me in!! hahahaha..kidding)

kelakar plak..cant wait this entry laa nan!

ita.itu said...

ish manyaknyer fridge magnet ko nan...lawa2 lak tu...aku pun kumpul gak..

Mrs. Sheikh said...

tempat masak kat ne?
pelik tul rumah ni..
hostel ke?

Hannan said...

ziana - hehe, nak join ker? occay.. no problemo!

ita - hehehe.. jom, kite bukak kelab mengumpul magnet!

nan - wet kitchen kat luar bilik la dear :)

ChikaDior said...

chika tu siapa?
dia single?
are u sure?
oh my god!

seb baik tak sertakan link. kalau tak, i baling batu belah batu bertangkop kat blog u. :p

ChikaDior said...


Jun :) said...

tu kan hans, selera mahai tu..leh kat starbucks n coffee beans jek..heheh.
akak..air suam jek! wahahaha...
bak mai satu magnet tu..kat fridge akak mcm2 ade..yg paling byk..bills!

Beruang Madu said...

Hi Hanan..baru singgah kat sini... pekahabar hari ni...?? How is your little kitchen.... pakcik sensitif pasal kitchen2 nih... suka bebenor...

Hannan said...

chika- sabar nak... sabar....

jun - hehehe... air suam, bagus utk kesihatan tu!!

Bro Honey Bear- hahha.. occay x nama tu? honey bear.. tu x sampai taraf kitchen lagi aa.a.. heheh..malu nak tunjuk semua sbb xder mendenya pon... ;P

Anonymous said...

coffee is my company anddddd single guys???? takde?

Hannan said...

single guys huh? hehehe.... i can be single... oooppsssss ;P

Ct eLLy said...

" Men are like parking spots, the good ones are taken and the free ones are handicapped "

Ha Ha Ha.. The best comments of the Month ...

Lily.Lulu. said...

i x minom kopi laa .. dunno why .. mmg dari azali lagi tak diajar minum kopi ..

anyway nnan dear .. kalau u jejalan lagi tlg belikan magnet for me ..

will pay u back ... nnt u pas bila u blk msia lagi


tenkiuk !!

eiza said...

bestnye fridge magnet tu..nk 1 leh..hehe

Hannan said...

heheh... lily dear.. nanti i usahakan ok !

eiza - hehe bole2.. nanti i kasi yang kelantan punye kat u :)

mummysyafie said...

nan..nak FM gak