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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ting Tong!

"The operation was a complete success, but the patient died of something else."

Today's Hans Favourite Song - Girlfriend , Omarion and Bow Wow

I believe everyone had a good laugh with my previous entry. Well, me myself couldnt believe how much I have changed from the guy in that yellow shirt into the guy I am rite now. Yes Norz, if u want a better complextion, come here to moscow. Hhahaha.. U'll get fairer, no doubt about that. Well, it's proven rite? Becoz here u dont get sunlight most of the time. It's always dark and gloomy here , especially during this winter period. ( except during the summer time - the sunshine is unbearabe!)

Nevertheless, since I had revealed my "old-skul" photos, I challenge those ppl who laugh at the guy in the yellow shirt to do the same thing! hahahah.. Come on Lily, Norz, Mrs Sheikh, Waliz ,Ziana, Azra, Sweetiepie, Erni , Ummi, Combi and others .... hehehe... I'm sure we all would love to see ur "classic" photos collection too!!! Come guys, go to ur house attic, ur garage, ur underground store, go and find ur old photo album and put the photos in ur blog! It's gonna be fun!!! I'll be waiting :)

I've been studying really hard lately. This surgery final exam really killing me. Last nite, I went to a fren's house - locked myself in the room and did a non stop studying from 7 pm to 3 am. I need a place without internet connection in order for me to concentrate fully on my studies. It was a very tiring nite, and today I'm not pushing myself too much. There is so much pressure someone could take. But not gonna be a relaxing nite for me. No more rest until the end of this month. So, everyone wish me luck and dont forget the challenge!!! Adios :)

Who's this cute lil baby? Mohammad Naizryl Agha and his mom, Kak Liz. She "demanded" me to put her baby's photo in my blog! So, there u go sist :) He's so adorable rite , just like his uncle here, heheheh... Hye sist - when I'm gonna meet my cute little nephew ? Bring him to Moscow for my graduation!!! Occay sist? So, to all the mommies with cute little daughers who wanted to be this kid mother in law, u could contact me thru my emails occay. He's currently single and available. Yes, only the baby is single. Unfortunately, the mother is still married. Too late guys, too late... hehehee... Occay, with the power given by the Unregistered Hot Doctors to be , I hereby give the mother of the month award to Kak Liz!!!


cepotet said...

err.. err.. i bukan tanak letak pic i yang dedulu. tapi kan, i takde picca zaman dedulu. sume tu dah di delete orang seseorang yang durjana. i tumpang laptop dia masa my laptop kena format. sekali, dia dendam ape ntah, dia delete all my document.

tapi, i balik kampung ni, kalau i jumpa, kompem i akan letak kat sini. ok? *wink*

Sweetiepie said...

I am abit nervous to put up my old pics in my blog..It's horrible you know!!when you see my old pics..LOL
will see when I have the guts to put my old pics on my blog...haha

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

eh hans,
lawa arrr kak liz hans tuh
very da sweet ler her figure

ur nephew pown tomey
very chubby ler die nyer pp

ekekekekeke...mmg patut pown arrr dorg gelakkan si bahju kunen ittew...wakakakakaka..



Hannan said...

erni... hehee, cuba tanye kat pejabat penghulu kat kg u tu, maybe diorang ade simpan gambar2 u mase kecik2 dulu.

sweetiepie - hahaha,.. what are we made of?m our past :)
nothing be ashame of

zie - yo la tu mak cik :)

ChikaDior said...

nanti letak gambar saya bersama baby saya pulak eh.
nanti-nantilah tapi.


Ummi said...

Hehe..Hann, ur photos are only a lil bit diff of 5 years, but jez imagine me for 20 yrs no no, u will crazy laughing at me, xpun nnt u kata tipu pulak..Ya lah, Hann pn duk main tiup pucung kat tanah lagik masa tu..kuang3x..(*kalah sikit je dgn Yasmin Yusof masa tu...u know her?)Kah kah kah..

*psst...Nnt masuk kat sini pun..kelabu asap jeekkk.. Heee..xyah lah kot Hann...

Ziana said...

"classic" photos collections??

think abt it!

maybe no

Hannan said...

chika - eh, alang2 tunggu letak gambar u jadi andartu la.. eh silap.. gambar cucu2 nanti :)

ummi - dah , dah.. cukup la dengan alasan mu itu

ziana - babe.. jom aaa . hahaha

MyHeart said...

so unbelievable yg baju kuning tu you??!! totally different la...siyes babe!!

Hannan said...

:) ppl changes ....

Lily.Lulu. said...

hahahaha ... nnan ... we'll see ..
maybe later i buat k


ChikaDior said...

kenapa you said i nak jadi andartu eh? i bukan potential married woman ke? sedey nya.

nak pegi kawenla.
jemputla dtg.
bawak nasik minyak.
bawak bunga telor.
bawak khemah skali.

Hannan said...

lily - hehehe,, i"ll be waiting babe !!!

chika - ala dear... gurau2 jer
I'm sure ramai lelaki yg gilerkan u la.. hehehe.

ChikaDior said...

manader. yg sebetulnya, ramai lelaki mmg gila. dan i tergilakan ramai lelaki gila. wahaha... statement bahaya. kena tembak kang, sia-sia. GURAU SAHAJA!

Hannan said...

hahahah... lepas ni nak buat satu entry nak lelong chika!

mummysyafie said...

ke mana tumpah nya kuah kalau tak ke nasi kan...

mmg baby tu ikut muka mama nya yang cun melecun