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Monday, January 07, 2008


Hye, Good morning everyone! Happy Monday!!! It's 7 of january and it's a public holiday in Russia? What occasion? It's x-mas here, the orthodox version. FYI, in Russia, the ppl here are ortodox christian, not the protestan or catholic. So, they celebrate x-mas at diff time. The orthodox celebrate x-mas on 7 Jan. Meaning, instead of having public holiday on 25 dec, we had a public holiday today :) Well, since I'm in my winter break, it doesnt really matter to me that much anyway. Occay, I've been tagged by Erni. Frankly speaking, I dont really do this "tagging" thingy, but since our dear fren here asked me nicely - I'm giving it a try. ( hutang tag mem merah x bayar sampai skarang!) Nevertheless, I do a bit of adjustment on this tagging :) Hope u dont mind Erni. So , everyone - let's take a walk into my music life. Shall we :)

What Song Do You Play When You Are...
1) Happy
Baby Love - Nicole Scherzinger! ( she's damn Hottt)

2) Sad
So Close - Enchanted Soundtrack

3) Depressed
Mr Brightside - The Killer

4) In Love
We Belong Together - Mariah Carey

5)Missing Someone
Everything - Micheal Buble

6) Having A Bad Day
Umbrella - Rihanna ( she'll make my day anytime :)

7) Trying To Go To Sleep
Ave Maria

8) Really Really Hyper
I Got it from My Momma!!!

What Song Was Being Played When You Were...

9) Having Your First Birthday
Happy Birthday to u ???

10) Going Out With Your First BF/GF
For U I will - teddy geiger

11)Getting Proposed To
havent done this yet, but I'd love the song My Boo - Usher and Alicia Keys

12)Getting Married
I dont love You - My Chemical Romance :) hahhahaa..
Sorry Erni, hope u dont mind dear :P . But all these songs are always inside all my mp3 players and handphone... well, u never know when u r gonna propose rite? HAhaha.. Need to be ready all the time babeh! Occay, I'm going to bed now, will update again tomorrow.. Tata :) MMMuuaaahhhhsss


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

salam nan. sorry lama tak drop comment.

hows ur preparation for exam?u better get it serious ok :) hehhe. oh, utk sad mode, tu sy suka jgk. dh dgr bape kali n kind of liking it too. paling tak tahan, yg last skali. ade ke i dont love you. adeh.

all the best in exams ok.

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

aiyakkkk...lawak arr hans neh
ade ker getting married lagu my chemmical romace tuh...adehhhh!!!

Hannan said...

cik sarah :)
akhirnya singgah jugak ke sini yer
thanks.. tgh belajar bersungguh2 ni.
doakan kejayaan saya!

zie.. ala... skali skala.. tukar style sket.. baru gempak!

Ct eLLy said...

Hannan, U lupa nak update lagu masa nak tido...
"twinkle twinkle litte star...."

kah kah kah.... ;)

waliz said...

wht kind of song would u like to give to me?hahaha...

Ziana said...

yg no 12 tuh mmg happening..

Sweetiepie said...

how come getting married become i don't love you huh!LOLyou're funny

ita.itu said...

hehe..lawak la..twinkle2 gitu

Red Mummy said...

but since our dear fren here asked me nicely - I'm giving it a try. ( hutang tag mem merah x bayar sampai skarang!)

...i tot i asked nicely the other year..


^eMiKo^ said...

main tipu... hehe... tapi atleast wat gak... hehe... aiyok... mak merah sudah merah...

Hannan said...

elly.. lagu twinkle2 tu , i yang nyanyi utk orang.. xde kesan kat diri sendiri dah :P

waliz - urm, i kasi lagu "harder to breath " maroon 5 kat u.. :)

ziana- heheh.. tidak syak lagi!

Hannan said...

Sweetiepie - dear.. something for a change :P

Mem merah - gua dah agak dah.. dah kene dah... adeiii... ampun cik puann...

emiko - hhehhe..x le ikot betul2, nanti makin merah mem merah!!!

cepotet said...

thanks Hann. tak kisahla, u edit sikit ke, banyak ke. janji u buat. kelakar la tag ni. tapi besh!

Hannan said...

Everyone is happy
hehehe.... that's all that matter :)

flinty.farah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
flinty.farah said...

hannan, u main tipu ek? semua lagu mcm seswaii je. hahaha

pearlEJ said...

hello pakcik... ej punya hutang tag pun x buat lagi hari tuu.. bila nk buat?

mummysyafie said...

tag ketiga yang akak jumpa