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Friday, January 25, 2008

Waitin around the bend

Homer : Well, he's got all the money in the world, but there's one thing he can't buy.
Marge : What's that?
Homer : A dinosaur

Morning planet earth! SMILE :) My previous entry did cause a bit of tension and stir among the women readers, but I have to say that the guys are lovin it! eheheh... another man bliss is another women melancholy rite. I visited some of my frens' blog and some of them are having , we called the "love problem" or something like that. Unfortunately, I'm not a love doctor and I'm not pretty sure how good am I about Love. However, no need to worry, Erni and Chika because we have our Love Doc here! Go to her site and share ur sad story. I'm sure she could come out with a good solution. But, if our doc love still can handle ur case, u have to go to the upper level, which in this case, u can send ur sad love letter to my beloved kak red! Mem merah oiii.. tolong la anak2 dara yg dalam kesedihan ini! The last measure, u could click on the MalaysiaDream girl advertistment below and register ur name to join this reality tv show. Someway, somehow - eventually u should find the answer to ur love dilemma!

What am I doing rite now? Well, I do have some of the exam notes in front of me at this moment and I always have my notes with me all the time. Just for the sake of having it around. My concentration level is pretty much degrading rite now. But , should be enuf for my next exam this saturday :) Still and all, I'm still hoping for the lady luck and pls pray for my success everyone! Hahah.. After years in med school, I realized that LUCK does played a big role during the exams. Well, u need to read thousand of pages toward the exam, and u'll only be answering , the most about 10 pages from the books. If u forgot to read the last 10 pages, and ur question during exam is about the last 10 pages, u r doomed even thou u read the other 100001 pages. Hence, never undermine the power of LUCK :)

P/S - I used the Mozilla Firework to view my blog yesterday, and I strongly believe that my blog is better view via the Internet Explorer , even thou IE is very much unreliable :)


cepotet said...

ahahahah. register my name in MalaysiaDream girl? no, thanks!

gudluck eh for ur exam on this coming Saturday. lepas tu, u dah merdeka. syoknyaaaaaaaa!

Hannan said...

erni - babe , jom la join, i jadi agent u nak x?

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

klu dolo2...leh arr z register
my name in MalaysiaDream Girl.
but now...kinda a BIG no no!



wish u luck on diz coming exam
i know both of u n ida can make it
n gain an awesome scores =D

Hannan said...

zie - never says never... it's not too late :)
thanks for the wish!

Mrs. Sheikh said...

good luck lagi sekali nan...!!

cepotet said...

tak nak! u takyah la sesusah nak jadi agent. janji i kawin u datang. wajib! ahahaha.. berangan lagi la i ni. ngeee..

waliz said...

hannan..last paper? hmmm...good luck dear...buat u kena baca semua jgn tinggal selai pun even the book cover u have to read...hehehe...:D

tips frm my lecturer..kalau takleh baca ..rebus buku tu and minum airnya..ada ke? goooood luuuuuck!

ita.itu said...

romantik gitu merpati sejoli ni..hehe

DaRk AnGeL said...

hahahah so funny i dah update about love matter then u came up here with promoting me to handle love dilemma~ what a chemistry! hahaha~

and yeah... IE & mozilla.. i strongly believe in that too..

CiK BaWaNg said...

MalaysiaDream girl...kalo i ever masuk contest nih..sure my dad tunggu kat airport ngn muke garang die tuh..keke

gud luck dear~!!! bace bace bace buku

Ratu Syura said...

good luck for ur finals! i'm sure you'd do just fine.. :)'

btw, thanks for linking.. i'll link you soon!

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh - thanks dear ..

erni - ai.. garang nampak :) hehehe... dah berapa kali ajak dah.. i tunggu kad kawin you la ni..

Hannan said...

waliz - ooccayyy... nanti i rebus buku2 tu... nak kene letak sup bunjut x? or campur ngan beef stock jer?

ita - hhehehe... merpati terbang tinggi!

Hannan said...

zuraiha - tu la.. dah agak dah.. tapi bile agaknya Dr Cinta ni nak kawin ek?

cik bawang - belum try belum tau... :P

Hannan said...

syura - thanks dear ;) appreciate that !

Heartless Devilish said...

gud luck..
all the besh ar..
after the final exam..
then u ken slip slip..
as much as u want..

DaRk AnGeL said...

takde sape yg sudi lagi..
heheh ;p
so lambattttt lagi. dunno wen.

Red Mummy said...

apesal font utk aku jadi kaler purple oi...dah x geti tekan kaler merah ke?...ko saje je kan..

anto saje surat masalah anda ke blog akak ko niha, x prob yg x leh solve darling..

dah tentu bukan aku yang solve it, nan masalah beso ko dulu, agak2 ko...ada gak akak membantu a bit??


teringat zaman itu kan nan...

tetiba je lak akak ko rindu jiwang karat kat ko..


Hannan said...

heartless-devilish - tq! hehehe.. but then the best time to sleep is before exam.. lepas exam dah x thrill dah nak tido or nak ape ;P

zuraiha - jgn jual mahal sgt ;P

Hannan said...

tu la kak red oiii.
nanti pasal kes israel tu pon saya akan mitak UN rujuk kat akak nanti ek :P

hehehe.. rindu jgn x rindu!

Sweetiepie said...

Oops!seems like I am the last one to comment here.Another exam to go?Dude,I know you can do it.Good luck all the way.:)

-hana- said...

haha.. u're not the last one. and this is my first comment here. ^^ what waliz said (about the lec's advice, same goes to my mum.. she advice the same too! pst ~ my mum bukan lecturer, ok, so shouldnt be the same person!)

erk, tatau nk komen dah.. cume tersengih jek baca pasal Dr Chenta.. ;p


Hannan said...

sweetiepie - heheheh... thanks dear :)

hana - yeah... that should work very well.. but i think i'm gonna save the trick for the rainy day :)

pearlEJ said...

masalah cinta kena cerita kt org ker?? settle sendiri much better kot?? ntah laa.. lain org lain pandangan yer dakk..

mummysyafie said...

romantik budak doa org ni..sesuaii bangett