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Friday, January 18, 2008

Waiting and waiting...

Countdown to my final exam is still going on. But earlier today I took my break. We went to the airport to send off Elyn! Yup, she's going back to Malaysia for winter holiday... so nice! I wish I could swap place with her, but then - a man has to do what a man has to do rite. I have my final coming up and I have to face it, either I like or not. ( which in this case I'm so tired of exams!!!) So, to Elyn - have fun dear!!! She just sms-ed me, she's in Dubai now, should be arriving in KLIA tomorrow nite after 8 hour transit in Dubai Airport. No worry, a lot of shops and boutiques at the transit terminal, just the place for her. We gonna miss her a lot, especially shida, losing her shopping-mate and me losing my "cili api" mate. Yes, by "cili api" I mean eating fresh "cili api" during meals!!! heheheh... WARNING - it's not good for ur health , too much "cili api' could cause peptic ulcer , appendicitis and others.

Back home, I'm back to my study materials. Wow... the list for the exam seems to be infinity and this preparation it's like a never ending story. Keep reading and reading... and at this very moment, my brain need its break again. So here I am, writing my blog! Wow, there were a lot of comments on where should I do my HO. Since I have a lot of frens here from the east malaysia, Sarawak and Sabah suddenly become so popular!!! hHAhaa.. thanks guys! I do have a thought of working there ( sabah or sarawak) , but frankly speaking I had enuf of air-travelling. Furthermore , if I choose to work there - I might end up working there for the rest of my life :) Nevertheless , never say never rite. We'll never know.

Some of u might realize that I've been wearing cap lately. The truth is, I dont like wearing cap, and I wish I dont have to wear it. But the problem was, my hair was a bit too long and it's making me look untidy. That's when the cap come into the picture, to cover up the mess. So, I had my haircut just now at the beauty saloon nearby. Some ppl been complaining that the hair saloon was a bit too expensive. But then, it's moscow and 200rubles (rm 30) per haircut is considered pretty cheap actually. To those who wanna see my new hairstyle, wait for tomorrow entry. Have a great and wonderful day everyone. Start ur day with a big smile :)


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

Haha...luckily u gave a reason why not choosing Sarawak as ur work place...if not...sure i'm complaining n grinning my teeth agin..hahaha!

awwww..poor ida loosing her shopping-mate. **hugs ida**

wehhhh tooo a cili api freak but it was longssssssssss time ago b4 i get myself an ulcer.
Yuppp!!! it is a badddddd...real baddddd stuff to eat..haha!!!

**toleh kiri...toleh kanan**

yeaaaaa!!! i'm the 1st pengomen ler


opppsss...terover pjg berjela2 ler pulak my tomen...gulllpp...gullpppp...

Mrs. Sheikh said...

hahaha...tak pe nan..
serabai pjg camne pun tak pe..
yg penting itu cap suitable for u ...:)

waliz said...

cannot wait to see your new haircut...:D

Ziana said...

mane latest pic? new haircut??
cpt arr nannnn

*BIG smile*

CiK BaWaNg said...

huwahhhhh besnye your friend balik Malaysia..tapi takpe..kalo u tak balik..kirenye u bleh teman i...geng terkandas tetengah winter nih

tunjuk tunjuk mane new hairstyle?

Heartless Devilish said...

wah..rm30 per hair cut is cheap what..
but with that rm30..i can pi cuci rambut 2 kali tau..
sekali cuci rm15.. i pi smgu 2 kali.. ngam2 rm30..syiok paler kena tenyeh..
rambut pun lembot je...
but if u hv long hair oso nice..
no need to hv haircut la..

Red Mummy said...

sila tengok gambo terbaru sirman, mbe trow akak blog kan..

lagi terperanjat ko nanti.

lg cun dr ko


eedany said...

nan, can't wait to see your new hairstyle oh...

All the best for your final exam.

Caucincau :)

Sweetiepie said...

If you work in sabah I am sure you will end up settling down there.rm30 is very know how much a haircut for a man here?cad20plusplus..that's mean rm60-70 you know!can't wai to see your hair style..hehe

mummysyafie said...

nan..why not try kat putrajay? best arr kerja kat sini..doc pun byk muda belia