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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

breakfast at tiffany!

Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.
-moon river-

Growing up in the era of 90 and the new milleneum the name of audrey hapburn isnt so familiar with me, until today. I know that there's a movie named after the famous Tiffany and Co , and I know there's a song - Breakfast at Tiffany by the band Deep Blue Something. Since I was kinda free last nite, I decided to watch this movie "Breakfast at Tiffany" after getting a good review from Shida. Well, I have to admit that Audrey Hapburn is such a beauty and sorry to say , that in my naked eyes Angelina Jolie looks ugly standing next to her (if they were the same age ). But needless to say that Mrs Pitt is a lot pretty than Audrey at this very moment :P
All the way from Hollywood, back to my small room in Moscow now. Earlier today, I called my mom , just to tell her that I passed my exam and we talked about few other stuffs too. But the main topic lately is about "me being a doc in 5-6 months time".

me : Hi mom... how's everyone doing?
mama : everyone is good... so, what's up?
me : no.. nothing, just calling to say "hi". Plus I just passed my exam.
mama : owh, glad to hear that... so u are one step closer then.
me : yeah " kalau tiada aral melintang" . The JPA/SPA interview will be on this March
mama : lovely, so u should start working early then...
me : that's what worry me
mama : why? It should be a good news.
me : well, I want to celebrate "aidil fitri" first, then start working...
mama : u should be able to get day off
me : better be
mama : ahahaha.... dont worry

My parent just cant wait to see me start working, but not me. I wish , I could do something else , before I dedicated the rest of my life into the health business. Did u watched the Bee Movie? Yeah, it's something like that. For once in my life, I just want to do something difference. I have a list here of kinda work I would love to do before I start being a doctor

1) Parking Vellet / Door bitch at the 5 star hotel
2) work at the StarBucks
3) Kindergarden teacher
4) race car driver
5) car dealer

well, the truth is, the list is too long but, these are the main jobs I would like to do. Anyone can help me with this? Let me do it for a month , before I get married to the hospital? Hahaha.. I'm crazy, but I'm just living my life. Well, if u could get me the job from the list, do contact me please :) I'm serious about this. If I dont do this before I start working , I'll be missing a lot in my life. The only job I did before ( which I got paid for ) was being a graphic designer and the printing company. Yup, I just want to go outside the box and explore the world!!!!


Princess Redbloodsnow said...

Tuh dia mummy's boy!!!
ekekeke.. :P

keskeskes...b4 u get married to da hospital ehz???..cehhhh!!!

ade2 jek ler die nih.

DaRk AnGeL said...

ingtkan dah tulis tips kat sini.. ;p

good luck finding that job.. berlambak je.. sure u can get one~

wanna exchange places wif me?

ita.itu said...

babe, cantik gmbr kat atas tu. lain2 pndgnye..hehe

alin said...

ye la kak ita alin pn ske tgk pic atas natural nk wat cover album...heheee :)

nice pic.. :p

Aina said...

Tahniah sebab pass exam.

Eh nice pic..creative laaa u all nih. Macam orang sesat pun ada jugak...

Ziana said...

congrats dah pass xm..

enjoy dulu 1mth br keje..
sure best..

Hannan said...

zie - hey babe.. betul la.. nanti i kawin ngan hospital tau :P

zuraiha - iskh, x nak la tukar tempat ngan u, nanti ramai lelaki giler kat i... aaaaaaaaaaa...

Hannan said...

ita - tu gambar x tahan nak gelak tu... kontrol ayu konon

alin - hehehe. dear.. skit pon x natural tu :P

Hannan said...

aina - hehehe.. memang tepat.. tgh sesat tu sebenarnya..

ziana - tu la nak enjoy dulu sebulan!

norza said...

Hannan, I know someone who can get u a job anytime tapi bukan kat Starbucks laa, kat Pizza Hut.. Kenapa 'kitchen helper' takde dlm senarai? I could do with an assistant like you...awww, pleasse!!

Nyakat aje, k?

Hannan said...

wah.. kitchen helper? I'll be more than happy!

julia said...

uihh.. call mama dia, terus hi.. tak bagi salam pun. =P

Hannan said...

Julia - that conversation was only the summary ;P

Lily.Lulu. said...

nnan .. before start jadi doc nanti ... buat la dulu keje2 yang u nak tuh ... dapat buat satu keje 2 atau 3 hari shud be ok ..

at least merasa jugak ..


DaRk AnGeL said...

mane ade laki giler kejar i.. like i said, kucing jantan belakang rumah pun tak hingin pandang i~
so, u'r safe~ ;D
biler nak update lagi ni?

Hannan said...

lily - tu la.. nak kene buat tu... babe.. help me find one ek!

zuraiha - hahah.. kucing jantan belakang umah u tu gay kot?

Munie said...

oh congrats on passing ur exams. and gdluck working as a HO ^^

Hannan said...

thanks munie :)

Sweetiepie said...

From what you had listed kind of funny to me LOL..Parking vallet paid is good..errr future doc wanna to work in as akidergarten come?Once you become a doc you won't have a chance to take a vacation.:P

Anonymous said...

Nan, its about time you explore the outside world!!!! sure you'll love it!

Anonymous said...

bro b4 start keje nape x nk try jd model.. u kan suka bergmbr.. =)

Hannan said...

sweetiepie - yup, true enuf, that's y i want to be crazy now!

azra - i'm gonna love it!

nemo - hehe... model ? ermm.. errr aaaa.. eemnmm.. too short la ! hahaha

mummysyafie said...

nak jadi cikgu taska? pergh..boleh try la nan