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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Some more blast from the past!!!

"I'm innocent, right until this very moment - Hannan "

Taraaa !!!! Occay, u can stop laughing now! I know these ppl might look a bit different from me, but the truth is, it was me babe!! Here are some photos from my secondary school collection. What a memory huh :) Let's see, the photo where I was wearing the orange shirt. It was on year 1998. I was in form 2, participating in my 1st basketball tournament. It was the adidas 3on3 streetchallenge. Since then, I had played in 5 consecutive 3on3 adidas streetchallenge (from 1998-2002 ). Out of 5 attempts, my team only managed to win once :) Good enuf. So, it was a kickstart for my basketball life, years passed by, on the left , that was me on 2001. I was in form 5.

When I was in form 2 , I was the captain for my school under 16 basketball team. But then, it didnt last long. I had a really bad spell after that. So, from 3 until from 4, I spend most of my times on the bench :( I did thought of quiting basketball ), but - I wasnt a quiter and I paved my way thru the team. When I was in form 5, I was back on the starting line up. The first five , and the best part of it, I was the team captain. Yup, hard work did paid off eventually. But, being a captain doesnt mean u re the best player in the team, and frankly , I wasnt :) The MVP for my team was the guy in photo standing behind me during the award giving ceremony. We won a few trophies that year. 2001 was really a good year for me :)

Besides playing basketball, I did a few othe extra corricular stuff too. Wooing girls, courting girls, writing love letters - these were the others my past time activities, which I believe give me a lot of point during interview to further my studies to oversea :) ahahhaa.. I was in the debate team too, but not for too long. Lucky me, the year I joined the debate team, our team managed to go until the national semi-final. That was good enuf. However, I wasnt the main debater becoz when I was in the debate team, I still need to train for basketball team. There were a few occasion , there were clashed during the debate competition and basketball tournament. It did caused a bit of stir btwn the basketball coach and the debate team teacher. So, after a year in the debate team , I closed my chapter there and concentrate in basketball becoz I believe basketball was more academical ! Hahahah... :)

Today's Hans fav's song - a blast from the bast- THE ADAM SONG - blink182

So, there u are - a lil history about my school era :) There were a lot more interesting stories, but I assume not everyone here want to read about it? Do you? Hehehe... Enuf for today, I'll be gone for tonite. I need to go to a place without internet connection tonite so I could concentrate on my surgery textbook. Tata everyone :) Good Nite.


Mrs. Sheikh said...

nak minta ampun dulu ni
tp gambo yg baju kuning tu
very the kelako laaaa

drNO said...

u looked so different last time,hardly recognise its u..:)

Heartless Devilish said...

ye ke hanan itu?
persal laen je?
pelik eh..
nak nak yg baju kunin itu..
lagi lagi..gambo laen lg..

Lily.Lulu. said...

nnan dear ...
tgk balik gambo dulu kala bess jek kan ..

tapi x leh tahan ..
tang baju kuning tuh

hahahaha !!1
u make me laugh ..
kwang kwang ~

anyway ..
salam maal hijrah to u


take care babe !!

cepotet said...

ahahaha. opss, sorry. tak niat nak ketawa. but, mmg tak sama langsung! ajaib btol kan.

Sweetiepie said...

you really make my day!LOL..can't stop laughing..bu i thing i can say is that i am very proud of are so sporting.

ita.itu said...

wah aktif gak ko ye nan...cute je muka ms muda2 dulu...skrg pun lg kiut miut kan..hehe

Ziana said...


errr...baju kuning tuh..
ziana pon mcm readers lain gak..
tesengih2 tgk pic yg baju kuning..

sowi :)

Anonymous said...

muarrrghaahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah....ok now i can stop :D

But, it is always good to go down memory lane eh....tgk gambo lama2 memang kelakarrr laaaa.....

anyway, salam maal hijrah Nan, may God bless you always!

Hannan said...

hahaha, frankly, me myself would laugh at the very photo too.. :)

eedany said...

Yang pakai baju kuning tu paling innocent! Hehehe....

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh, - ha ha,, funny la tu..

drNo - i'm amazed by myself ;)

Hannan said...

lily, heartless devil - hahaha,. baju kuning tu banyak kenangan tau :)
i still keep it at home

erni - hehehe... mmg ajaib sgt !

Hannan said...

sweetiepie - I'm glad everyone is having fun :)

ita - heheh.. aktif selamanya!!!

Hannan said...

ziana, azra - what more can i said... hehehe... it was me babe!

Princess Redbloodsnow said...


padan arrrr dorg dok gelakkan si bahjuuuuuu kunen tuh...
z pown nak turut gelak gak arrr


looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo different arrr hans...
hans kurus ek time dolu2...ekekekeke..
klakor arrr

i'm going to put my todler pic tooo
tp later ler...when z tersgt ler rajin nk scankan dat old pichas of mine :p

murnie sangat said...

Nan, umur u skang 23 tahun la ek?awat dulu kurus benor nan xper,skang dh gebu ckit,kira ok la tu ek hehe

uchnanabanana said...

tak tahannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

elynagriffin said...

hannan.. takde gmbr ngan leputt ..mesti kelakar kan.hehe

Hannan said...

gambar ngan leput ek? kene cari ni.. :)

mummysyafie said...

aiyokk..cekci nya doc ni

ooo...awak pun layan muzik yer..