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Thursday, January 24, 2008

we are after the same rainbow

"Don't eat me. I have a wife and kids. Eat them"
Homer J Simpson

Morning everyone :) Had ur breakfast already? Me? well, as usual - it's 2 am here and I'm serving my duty to the world! Going ONLINE. Keep the global warming going on! Yeah.... But, the truth is, regardless what u do, there's no way to totally stop the global warming rite? So, let's cut the crap ( PLS dont take any notice to what I just wrote) Currently I'm listening to the new song by this new artist.. arif something - the song "sayang sayang sayang". According to the mass media, the women and the young girls really love this song. Well, it's actually a good news for all the guys out there. Finally, after years of debate , women in Malaysia eventually agreed than a man can "sayang, sayang , sayang" In this very case, a man can "sayang" 3 times. So, if we put this in daily practise, a man can have 3 sayang! So, Malaysian women , u are the best!!! SALUTE! Malaysia Boleh!

I do receive a few offer for the part time job I m looking for. Driver, bouncer, personal bodyguard, baby sitter, waiter ... wow.. pretty much a long list here. I'm very much serious about this thing, no kidding everyone. So, pls - come with real offer babes!!! hahaha... But my limit is only a month, maximum. No worry, I'm a good worker. Hahahah.. No kidding! But make sure the pay is appropriate. Not too little, and I dont mind if I'm overpaid!

So tired of studying at this moment. Really had enuf! I wish I could go on holiday. Just wanna close my eyes and sleep by the pool side. Lovely! How I wish! But, according to my financial advisor, it wont be happening anytime soon. Yeah, during this period ( near end of the month) , the most popular website I'll be visiting everyday are the Maybank2u and the JPA website. After that, when the money is already there, my next fav website will be the ebay!!! I just cant wait for friday>>> it's payday!!!


Sweetiepie said...

wow!you receive an offer for a bouncer???that's acool job man!emm driver is not bad.what are you going to grab at the ebay????

Lily.Lulu. said...

payday payday !!!

ape lagi . belikan laa ole ole banyak2 bawak balik msia


Hannan said...

sweetiepie - hahhaha... bouncer at supermarket ;P

lily - well , if u want to pay my rent, i'll buy u a lot of ole ole

Princess Redbloodsnow said...

wehhhh!!! 3 Sayang pulak dh die nehhh.
The singer named Alif Aziz if i'm not mistaken..hehe
kinda kool song.

z mmg tinginnnnn ssgt nk beli bende alah kat ebay.
But then...dun have any Credit Card lerr


bluecrystaldude said...

I am quite embarrassed to be seen dropping any comment here, with all these babes lurking around. lol. But you finally defeat me. I really like your sayang 3x interpretation. Should start using it before too late (!)

Anonymous said...

3 sayang..ahhaahaha.. kelako! lagu tu mmg best..

bro try je la jd model.. muka u fotogedik la.. ketinggian tu xder masalah..

CiK BaWaNg said...

saye still vote utk babysitter! kehkeh sbb saye penah jadik for three's not as tiring as the other jobs you listed...and you will learn lots of thing...errr tapi kene consider juge payment..kan?

waliz said...

u should make 4 ...sayang sayang sayang..sayang...

hope u will get the job..for one month i think the best is sleep and eat...heheheh

enjoy yrself trow...!

Hannan said...

zie - kalau xder credit card, buat la debit card dear.. sama jer :)

blue-dude - heheh.. i'm not sexualist.. women and men are treat equally here :)
thanks for the comment anyway and u r always welcome here!

Hannan said...

nemo - haahahha... gedik tu ade kot:P

cik bawang - tu la.. let's see how much the pay first rite

waliz -dear, all the best in ur exam too occay!

jemari menari said...

sayang sayang sayang???
shida dh nyanyi lagu tu utk hans ek..ehehehehe.. :P

DaRk AnGeL said...

you? bouncer? jangan lah wei.. let the real big2 guys handle that job.. we cant afford to lose a doctor! nak sponser doctor sorg mahal wooo~~
safe your life for the sake of others will ya~? heheh~

sayang 3 times? and you will get lempang 3 times too... hehehehe~
unless that 3 times sayang was meant for one women only... only then you will have 3 times more sayang than eva~ yeah babe~ hehehehe

Hannan said...

mimi - ha ah mimi. hari2 dok sayang sayang sayang :)

zuraiha - heheheh.. saje buang tebiat nak jadi bouncer kat mini market.. bole bawak senapang ape.
hehehe.. same jer maksudnya tu :P

KiKi PUtRy said...


tambah 1 syg lagi boleh.. huauauahuaua[gelak setan jap]

tp suka rambut u pendek tuh.. nampak lagi young.. huhu =D

mummysyafie said...

banyak ofer kerja erkk...pulunn