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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year 2008 - part 2

Where's the coolest place to have ur new year countdown without paying a cent in moscow? Yup, go to Lenin Hill, opposite the Moscow State University. As u can see in the photo above, the big building is the Moscow State University, which is also one the famous seven sister building. During the new year eve, the have this laser show thru out the nite, emitted from the tower of that building.
As we reached there, the place is pretty much packed with ppl. This is the place where real russian went out to celebrate their new year! They arrived in their limos with their own fireworks! I have to tell you, there are more than 10 limos parked around that place. I was too busy talking to my frens , and forgot to take picture of the limos. All types of limos babe... so cool.

From the Lenin Hill, u can see the whole moscow city from ariel view! My digicam wasnt so good at taking pic during nite time, so - this the best I could get! Later I would ask a better photos from the ppl who used the DSLR! The atmosphere there was amazing! The ppl really enjoying themselves. I even didnt realize that it was around -8 degrees that nite. No wonder I cant feel my ears and foot! The fireworks festival there was really crazy. NON STOP. The best part was, all the fireworks arent sponsored by the govenment of whatsoever. Most of the ppl went there bring their own fireworks! ( of course not the cheap one, I saw at the supermarket the other day , most of the fireworks that being used that nite would cost around 10000 roubles -around RM1500, per box) Ala- ala bakar duit la tu... adoiii...
Owh, in case u r wondering who's the girl with the black coat ( not wearing veil ), her name is Elyn. My so called sister! A new student here in RSMU. Heheheh.. I was given the responsibility to take care of her in Moscow. I think I did a real damn good job rite! Elyn , I saved ur new year eve !Hahaha.. Where's next elyn? I'm rushing to write this entry bcoz I have to go out to buy her ticket to back home. She's going back home for winter holiday.
There were a lot of interesting stuff happening during that nite. But I couldnt be bothered to take all the photos. Maybe if I checked thru my frens' computers , they should have a better collection since most of them are using DSLR nowdays. heheheh.. Anyone want to give me a free DSLR? Lily? ... anyone? yuhuuuu... ??? Occay, so. in conclusion- if u want to celebrate the new year, moscovites style - go to Lenin Hill. But, if u have million of money, hahaha.. buy ur own fireworks and have ur own new year party, that would be totally awesome!!!


Mrs. Sheikh said...

chua soi lek letak jwtn laa
ayoyo...kesian gak dia tu..:) hehehehehhee

Red Mummy said...

kat kl best

depa sambut sirman ngan fireworks..

ko balik msia pun x tentu dpt grand nya sambutan tau


anw - nan thanks for calling the other day, u were the first person to know that sirman just landed and first person to speak to him of cos after 3 of us lah...


kembang x hengat tu

Hannan said...

mrs sheikh - hehehe... nasib badan.. nak camner la kan

kak red - akak, saya kan ade 7th sense.. dah tau dah sirman dah balik.:P

jgn risau, saya balik mesia nanti siap ade banner sambut tau

Hye said...

Hello.. Happy New Year!!! Hope for the best.

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Sweetiepie said...

i think it's a cukture that plp take limo to a party..canadian also likes to hire limo too.don't drink and drive..i think it's a safe way to party.

pearlEJ said...

sape yg sebelah elyn tu?? ensem...

mummysyafie said...

hepi new year nan...belated lah tu