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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Me , myself and surgery

Since I have been out from my room for the past few days , there is no new photo for me to upload yet. This photo was taken during the start of the winter , not much snow yet. Unsuprisingly - due to what ppl called " the global warming" , there isnt much snow fall this year in moscow. So, this year isnt a good year for winter sport in moscow. No sking and snowboarding yet for me. Sorry sweetiepie - I was gonna stop blogging for a while and concentrate fully on my preparation for the final exam - but then , if I let myself fall into the "pre exam tension" - I would be fit to study as well. Technically, blogging is a way for me to relax a bit and take a few minutes off from the books. However - since there is only 3 more days left to the big day - I'm shifting up the gear. It's already 2 am here in moscow at this very moment, so I'll be awake until dawn - gonna digest the books as much as I could , then go to sleep after my subuh prayer .. aminnn :)

No stupid quotes today as I couldnt come out with any. Been so busy today!!! yes, with studying and reading and revising and bla bla bla. I really need a haircut rite now. But , I feel so lazy to go out from my room during this period. It's like a sin not having a book nearby at this final moment u know. Even if u are not reading the books, u feel better if u have the book somewhere nearby - ready to be read if suddenly u come across something u didnt know. Yeah.. yeah ... bring the books and the notes to the saloon rite... that's so not me :) heheheh.. I'm sure what I'm typing rite now. I guess I'm not fully concious. Erm... maybe I should go to sleep first. But then, I dont think I could sleep soundly if I dont go thru some of the question first... errm... what to do.. what to do... errmm.. Occay.. let me think... I need a quote now.. I need a very inspirational quote.... " dont study too hard, not good for health" .. ok.. not good enuf . Next , " the more u read, the more u need to know, so stop reading" better rite? ... occay.. one more.. " there is more to live for than just the final exam" hehehe... a lot better :)

Occay, someone -please come out with something for me to write... pls.. :P


murnie sangat said...

ha..tambah quotes leh, to be or not to irrelevance kah?hehe

Hannan said...

bole aje Murni ;)

Sweetiepie said...

LOL!well,i agreed with you..Relax and let your mind's eye roam over the field of study :)..I remember when i took the SPM math exam.My brain was totally gone blank..At last the result Zero mark!!take easy..Let me say a quote here-don't study too hard OK!hehehe

Princess Redbloodsnow said... about u write sumthin' about ur....ermzzz...let me think 1st...oh to write sumthin' bout ur family mmbers :P
like how many siblings u had there...and wut ur parents do 4 living. Stuff like dat la..hiksss!!!

if u dun mind...ngehngehngeh!!!

jgn plak u get homesick ler pulak ea..bwekkkk :P

Mrs. Sheikh said...

pastu citer sikit first time u kat sana tu sape yg tolong?
and camana kepayahan mula2 balaja ckp russia bolehhh?
mengimbau sejarah balik aaa

nan, lagi tiga hari exam kan..
jaga kesihatan tau..

CiK BaWaNg said...

good luck with your final exam... pi pi stadi

^eMiKo^ said...

study hard...
but dont exceed the limit where u ditch ur meals and rest...
still study hard,but eat good food and enough sleep for the brain to function well...


ChikaDior said...



Hannan said...

sweetiepie - thanks dear .hehhehe

zie - adeih... hehehe... comel sgt tajuk tu

mrs sheikh - hidupku di sini sebatang kara... hehehhe

Hannan said...

cik bawang - tgh mencuba sedaya upaya ni..

emiko - thanks dear.. appreciate that!

chika - :P ... ape kes la budak ni ek

Heartless Devilish said...

me pegang rotan sambil cekak pinggang..
hanannnnnnn... go study!
just bought rotan just now after i ilang abt 4 rotans in school within 10days of schooling..
huwarghh...kekawan cilok my rotan..

for the next entry.. why dun u put some handsome guys' photo?
ur frens maybe..
miakakakaka... and tell us abt them..

DaRk AnGeL said...

i got good one quote for you!

"your future depends on your dreams..." so go to sleep~!

ngeeeeee :D

cepotet said...


norza said...

"The cruelest thing a guy can do to a girl is to let her fall in love when he doesn’t intend to catch her fall"

I think this guy is a casanova! He flirts with her, and gives her presents/flowers etc but in his heart, he just treats her as a friend.

And girls, being girls, would simple "fall in love" without ever thinking of the consequences. I mean, if a guy showers u with gifts and cards and chocolates, u must surely think that he is crazy over u. Unless, of course, he has a reputation of giving people gifts..

So, sincere of ur motives. Dont ever give false hopes to girls (or doc to patients, for that matter, haha.) Of u feel like giving something, place a card with the gift. Write "FROM UR FRIEND". Dont write "LUV, FROM ME"..

Stay cool, Hannan. Oopps..not appropriate as its always COLD over there.

Take care, then!

Hannan said...


mummysyafie said...

nan...dah nak khatam blog nan ni..hampir kesemua nan dah citer...why not nan citer balik camne first day jejak kaki kat moscow..nak nangis ke..gumbira ke..ada pic tak