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Friday, April 25, 2008

What a lovely day :)

What am I gonna write here is the opposite of the title of the entry. I had a series of unfortunate event today. Well, I know it's kinda a "taboo" to talk about bad thing that happened to you. But, I'm gonna write about it anyway , just for the memory , something to laugh about in the future. Occay , where do I start :)

1. I woke up today with heavy headache. The thought came to my mind that I should skip class today. Plus, it was already 7 am when I opened my eyes. Nonetheless, I managed to get myself together and got ready to go to class.

2. I went down to the bus stop at 8 am. A bus reached the bus stop when I was waiting to cross the road , running to catch the bus. Unlucky me, I missed it. Had to wait for another 30 mins for the next bus due to the heavy morning traffic ( nothing new about moscow traffic )

3. I finally managed to reach the metro station. As I entered the one of the metro wagon, the lighting in the wagon was a bit dimmed. Therefore , it's too depressing for me to start revising ( My metro journey to the hospital is when I do my revision) As usual, the metro was packed and I decided to lean on the wall and closed my eyes. I suddenly woke up when someone stepped on my shoes , thanks a lot dude!

4. After an hour wasted inside the metro , I finally reached the station. On the way out from the metro station, I was rushing and as I was running on the escalator , suddenly I mis-stepped on one of the escalator step and I nearly felt down. Luckily my hand reflex was quick enuf to save me from the embarassment and to prevent my face from touching with the floor.

5. From the metro , I had to take another bus to the hospital. On the bus , my classmate called - mentioning that no class for today , but need to go to the medical conference. Started at 10 am until 4 pm. I was like... " shit man.. I was rushing for nothing... damn..." I was thinking to head back home coz I knew that the conference will be as boring as hell... but .. I didnt.

Well, there were a few more unfortunate event today - miscommunication about the lunch meeting with my frens , we ended up going to different planet sushi... and eventually we settled down for italian fast food.

The only good thing that happened today was , I found out a feature of my camera phone that I couldnt be bothered to check on before. Yes, my cam phone can take the panorama photo. The photo above is the panoramic photo of the conference hall. Well, at least I did learned something from the conference aite!!!.... Happy weekend everyone!

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mummysyafie said...

nan, pergi sorang² ke?
tak de orng kacau ke nan?