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Thursday, April 10, 2008

such a lovely day :)

I woke up today with a big smile :) had a wonderful dream ! What dream - it's a secret :P . Today I started my medical posting. Each of us were given a ward to work with the patients. My name was last in the list - therefore I was given the 1st class ward. I was so happy happy because usually the patients in the 1st class ward are considered "not very ill" and the ward smell better than the other wards. Guess what the diagnosis for all my patients today ? - the rich ppl disease >hypertension<>

So, as I entered the ward today - I smile to my patient and quickly introduce myself " my name is Hannan and I'm a final year medical student, not a doctor therefore u dont have to me "doctor" - just Hannan , I'm from Malaysia and I'll be working in this ward for the next 5 weeks , let's help each other out and have some fun " My patient bursted into laugh. Yes, that's the way I worked :) Some docs may say that's utterly unneccesary and amateur , but I just love it. Always enjoy ur work , add some fun and excitement in it :) I believe in that. Being a doctor may be one of the most "dull" profession a man could ever be, however , I do believed that there's always the "enjoyable" part of it :)

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mummysyafie said...

nan, naper posing camtu..nak melompat ke?